04 Black Cobra

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  1. I just ran into an 04 black Cobra coupe with 14k miles on it. They're selling it for $32. Think I should trade in my supercharged 06 for it?
  2. Well that was very blunt. haha

    It crossed my mind. Better resale value, forged internals, 4v, 6speed.
  3. well the 04 does have forged internals and is capable of making more power safely than our cars do. They brake and handle better. That would be a tough choice. I would have to see service records or proof of maintance. Also they do have an awesome trannsmission in them (T56 is awesome). That would be a tough choice. Is the car stock?
  4. Yeah its pretty much stock from what I can see. The dealership had it shipped here to sell. They had the hood open, looks stock. The exhaust doesn't look tampered with. Looks in good condition. I think it had brake problems though. One of the used car techs was looking at them.
  5. Been thinking the same myself, those cars are awsome.
  6. service records? Proof of maintance?

  7. Sure then sell me your blower:D
  8. i think $32 is too high. i have seen verts go for less than that.....
  9. $32 is def. too high. Stick with the 06.
  10. if you are intrested on going REALLY FAST with a few $$ then you should really consider the 03/04 Cobra.....

    I can't get over the power to be had so easy and reliable to boot. Look around (or offer them less) because 32K is about 4-6K high
  11. Well its the used cars at the dealership I work at. Think if I can talk them down I should? I work in service so maybe i could grab the VIN and run an OASIS on it to see whats up.
  12. tell them to give it to you for $500 over what they have into it. thats the benefit of being an employee. if they dont do that deal, tell them to forget about you buying anything else from them.
  13. If you want speed and power, go with the Cobra. If you want looks, stay with the '06.

    As good as the Cobra's look I still think the new stangs look better.

    If you get the Cobra post some pics, I would like to see it.

    Good luck with whatever you do....
  14. 32k is a ripoff! Rick Erdman of Team Amazon was selling his 4-valve blown cobra for like 27k. It only had 7k miles and close to 30k in mods. That's right, he had like close to 60k wrapped up in the car in perfect condition with a whipple blower, full roll cage, race ready, about 680rwhp and had been garage kept. Beautiful car, not over abused.
  15. :rolleyes: HELL i have an 03 vert. i'll sell ya for $32,000... blk on blk pulley swap, long tube headers, catless h-pipe, peditor tuner, 10.5 bullitts, CAI, hurst shifter. want to trade?:jaw:
  16. So its an 03 Cobra with CAI from what I can tell. It has the swirls and scratches that you'd see on any black car. Well, I wanna stay with mine. Warranty and such potential. Plus she's mine. No other owners, I know what's been done to her, and I have so much more to do. 06 Stang it is. +Saleen
  17. :banana: good choice!!
  18. yeah so when i went to buy my 06 tungsten, there was an 04 cobra coupe in silver with 6200 miles on it. yes, 6200 miles for 28xxx. i passed it up.. i know... regret it every day but it would have been alittle too much power for a first time driver... but theres always somethign bigger and better, be happy with what you have and cherish it as much as humanly possible. coveting will serve no good purpose so you made the right choice, stick with the new s197