'04 Cobra IRS in a GT

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  1. A guy on another forum has an '04 Mystic Cobra :)drool: I know) and wants a live axle. My car will be nearly 100% street car and anyway I'm more concerned with handling than with pure straight line performance.

    What are the pros and cons of this? How will exhaust work? Will I need a cobra cat-back? or will a GT cat-back clear the IRS? If it happens, install will not be an issue as it would have to be a straight swap with the cars next to each other for me to be willing. I'm almost sure my warranty will be out the window on the rear, but will my entire drivetrain warranty be void? Any possible way I could pull off keeping the warranty since they are basically the same car just different power plants? (as far as the rear end is concerned)
  2. you'll need the cobra catback. the GT catback wont fit over the IRS, it goes under it. the cons, well you pick up some weight due to the increased complexity, and IMO if you are going to do the swap, its the ideal time to upgrade some of the IRS components with some maximum motorsports stuff.
  3. will the cobra cat-back mate up to the GT mid pipe? and if I need a cobra piece I know the headers won't match up.
  4. now that I do not know. What you could do is check out some parts websites and see what they list the midpipes as fitting. :shrug:
  5. another thing, I know the cobra is a little lower than the GT, I guess now would just be a good time to buy springs and drop it now. There goes the Borla Stinger cat-back :nonono:
  6. Tarch on this forum recently swapped out his live axle in his GT for a IRS from a Cobra.

    I'll direct his attention here.
  7. thank you tylerb59 :nice:

    Also, when swapping a cobra for his IRS, should the stock cat-backs be swapped too?
  8. Yes
  9. It may not concern you, but you will get a LOT of noise, all coming from the new rear, inside your Mustang. With IRS, the diff gets solidly connected to the car, and through that solid connection, all the rear end noise gets transmitted.
  10. i didn't get any additional noise
  11. yes they do just bolt on.
  12. I've decided to forgo the IRS for now, I think the guy is just going to get an 8.8 carrier and build it up outside the car which is probably the best idea IMO. I may come back to the IRS idea later on when I've got a beater though.
  13. if you want to more power to you.