04 cobra

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  1. Hey all, I test road a cobra, and am seriously considering going through with the deal, was wondering if i could get any comments, concerns, info, ideas. any feedback is appreciated thank you
    btw this will be my first svt vehicle :nice:
  2. hey

    I love mine, but it did come with its fair share of (IMOP) typical Ford issues..

    1. alignment came FFFFed up from the factory cmaber plates needed to be redrilled

    2. Leaking Foglights.. replaced and now one is leaking again a year later

    3. broken power seat already /......well part of it is

    4. NOISES popping sound from rear which there is a TSB on but I refuse to bring my car to ford unless i absolutelky have too

    sqeaking passenger seat...rubs on door

    loud tranny

    sqealing windows

    I am thinking about bringing it in one time right before my warrenty is up and trying to take advantage of it. I am also thinking about making it my race car for real and just tearing the seats out for some nice racing seats and getting a roll bar....cant decide...think ill pay it off first
  3. I like my Cobra. I've had none of the problems some others have had except the stall issue. That is more of an irritation than anything else. I hear that there is a kit that moves the passenger seat over a bit so it doesn't rub on the door. I just keep it in a position where it doesn't rub. N.B.D. My passenger side fog light is leaking, but it still works. I rarely drive with them on, anyway, and it will be replaced early this Spring. SVT must go cheap on them, maybe aftermarket lights would be the answer.

    Either way, if you are getting an '04, they have supposedly fixed the problems that plagued the early '03s, like mine. I knock on wood, as I have had two Cobras ('99 and '03) and have had virtually none of the problems that Cobras of these model years have had.

    Buy it and have fun!

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