05 in the 12's

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  1. Hey I thought you might all want to know that Pauls Performance has got there pony running [email protected] NO NOS!!!!! they lightened it up by 380 pounds. used SCT flash Bassani X-pipe and Muffs. They did a bunch of suspension work. Oh yeah and a custom underdrive pully and intake. They did mention that the computer is set up so that you cant do burnouts. I thought it was interesting because this was a topic on one of the other threads. They said that the computer senses when the engine and wheels are moving at different speeds like in a burn out and when it senses the wheels are moving slower or faster than what the engine thinks it should it sends it into shut down mode. But SCT programming fixes all of that. They said stock you maybe able to drop the clutch and peel out and make some smoke but with the reflash you can get that traditional Smoke billowing out of the wheel wells. All info was out of HOT ROD mag. :flag: Lates
  2. Congrats thats nice! :nice:
  3. What do you remove to lighten an 05 by 380lbs.?
  4. rear seat
    spare tire
    accesories(ps, ac)
    lightweight wheels
    racing seats
    probably took out some sound deadening

    probably more but I will have to think.