05 is retro

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  1. Which year(s) is the 2005 retro to???
  2. I'd say 67-69
  3. Blend of different features from 1964-1970.
  4. According to Ford 1968 is the dominate overall year. Ford's larger 427 was introduced on 1968 Mustang GTs. Combined with the GT's standard front disc brakes, performance tires, heavy-duty suspension, and dual exhaust with chrome quad outlets, the engine elevated this pony car it its raciest version yet. New cosmetics also were included for 1968, with new styled steel wheels in chrome or painted silver with special GT hub caps, and new "C" stripe that accented the side scoop.

    1965 is when the smaller Fogs first appeared in the grill and ended with the 1968. The shorter fastback also is from 1965 & 66. The bases for the retro body first appeared in 1967. 1968 was the first year for shoulder seat belts. In 1969 the lights in the grill were your high beams. The Instrumention first appeared on the 1967. Front side marker first appeared on 1967. Rear side markers appeared on 1968. The seats are 1969. 1967 was the only year for the GTA, which was a Mustang GT with an automatic transmission.

    Back in the day I owned a 1968 California Special and later a 1969 Mach1.

    That's is why wifes plate is NEW68GT, part true and part memory.
  5. Don't forget the clear rear 1/4 windows, lifted from the 66 Shelby.

  6. Uh...yeah. What he said.

    This man knows Mustangs.