05 Price

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  1. Anyone have an idea on price of the 05 mustang? I am just wondering if the changes will put the price over the top.

  2. I've heard they will be only slightly more than this past years.

    Also I really like the looks of some of the drawings that i've seen of this new model. I think it looks bad as hell. I dont see how you could even remotely call it ugly. I'm not sure what you guys would like for it to look like but I think when I see a GT version for the first time pull up next to me I'm gonna piss my pants. I cant wait!!!!!
  3. Rumor is that the base model will be under 20k.
  4. Not saying you are wrong or whatever, but that seems kinda low.
  5. Base model as in V6. If they don't inflate the price terribly that's very likely. The GT is another story though.
  6. The base model is a v6 so price may be under 20k.
  7. It's going to have to be under 20K if they don't won't to lose a lot of that market share. They sell a butt load of V6's and can't afford to lose the business. Generally those that buy the V6's are not diehard Mustang fans and price will play a big part whether they buy it or not.

  8. Talked to a dealer over here in Tampa and he said the jump will be avg. ($500.00 - $1000.00 depending on model).
  9. i agree

    it can't be too much more than a normal new mustang. ford has goals for the price ranges for the different models. if the v6 is all of a sudden the normal price of the GT lots of business will be lost. not everyone can spend 25,000 on a new car.
  10. I've also heard they want the v6 to start under 20k as it has done in the past, the mustang is supposed to be an affordable sports car