'06 Cobra, worth the wait?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by dkhl, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. I'm saving up for a house right now, and I figured the '06 cobra is perfect timing as it gives me time to put down a nice downpayment on one.

    I'd like to buy one, but is it worth the wait? I love the '05 look, but I want a T-56 with a bad ass supercharged engine (hell, i'll take twin turbo too). I don't want to waste my time finding out the '06 cobra is going to be a big ****ing dissappointment :p Otherwise I'm going to get a Chrysler 300C :p GO HEMI :p
  2. Thats if the Cobra is still around. With the talk of SVTs demise everythings in question.
  3. In addition to the potential problem brought up by skywarp, the last I heard the next Cobra was going to be 07.
  4. You ever heard the saying "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"? If you want all those things and can swing the payment, I'd go for any remaining 2004.
    I was looking at a beautiful red 04 just the other day when I stopped to look at the 05. Incidently, I still like the current bodystyle better.
    With the current incentives, I'd go for a new 04 Cobra in a heartbeat because if you work to get a good deal and get 0% interest, you won't even probably be upside down in 2 years. You'll be able to sell the 04 for a good price and have equity in the 04 to put toward an 06.
    I myself would do just that, but I got a similiar deal on my 01 when I bought it new and I just can't start a new 5 year loan. I have family responsibilities even though I'd absolutely love to go get that red one I saw.
  5. I just bought my 04 comp orange. I was going to get a new L but that does look like it will happen. Started talking to the dealer and wham, now its in my garage. They located it out of OH and sent a guy to go get it.

    You may want to grab one now while they are around for sure.
  6. I think the 07 cobra will be worth the wait, it should be out by the middle of 06 and i highly dought it will be a disapointment even if they put the current cobra motor in it it will still be a sweet car, also, as for this rumor that svt will be droped all i have to say is this i've been away at school where i currently go to the Ford FACT program at UTI have 3 friends who are ford techs and teachers who have been ford techs for over 20 years, and i havn't heard anything about svt being droped until recently when i came hoem and got on stangnet, there is no way it'll be droped its to big of a seller, the only thing i did hear which was i beilieve in CarNDriver they saidthat SVT is going to pospone the lightning to focus all effforts on the cobra which is do mid 06 as a 07 model
  7. I'm sure the '06/'07 Cobra will be a much better beast than the '03/'04 in every respect but I couldn't wait. It would not make sense for Ford to kill SVT with the revival of rear drive performance cars (GTO, CTS-V, 300C, Challenger?).
  8. It didn't make sense for Ford to kill the Shelby Mustangs either, but that's what ALWAYS happens when mainstream takes the performance business "in-house" ... you can buy a Terminator now or face the possibility of an '08 Cobra III automatic. (Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.)
  9. i was at the SVTOA track event at Buttonwillow, and i talked to the head engineer for the powerplant in the 07 cobra. he said that there never was an 06 cobra, its gonna be an 07, released in 06. he said it is well worth the wait. he wouldnt say what it had, but after looking at some of the kenne bell 03/04 cobras there he said that they might want to consider trading up in 06.
  10. :banana: I can't wait. Well, yes, I can. :banana:
  11. 08 Cobra 3 automatic could very well happen! The new lightning was ready to roll yet they stopped it to work on the 07 Cobra, it doesn’t make sense! If you had a product ready to roll and make you money would you shelve it to bring another product that is equally profitable out six months sooner down the road? No, they are buying time so a decision can be made on what to do with SVT.
  12. heres the answer to the lightning question. this is the first time that the F150 and the Mustang had 2 new chassis so close together. SVT was given the option of doing the Lightning or the Cobra. they chose the Cobra to come out in 07 to fully develop everything, they dont want a remake of the 03 cobra head disaster.