06 gt sluggish as hell!! help

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  1. So for the past few weeks now my car seems to have no power...it hesitates when i lay into the gas. It seems like it gets louder, but my rpms barely climb and i dont go a whole lot faster. It seems like there is no power up to 4k, and when it finally does start to pick up its not like it was.

    I recently changed the fuel filter which was a little clogged, but still running clear, I cleaned my throttle body ( which was practically spotless to begin with ) and cleaned my air filter. The car just seems to have no power to it anymore...could it be the clutch slipping? Anything else I should check into?
  2. Is the CE light coming on? If not, I would still check to see if there are any stored codes. I would start by looking at the areas that you just worked on, fuel filter (did you install it with the flow arrow pointing in the right direction?), throttle body area, and Air Filter area. Check all of your electrical connections and make sure that the intake tube is tight on the throttle body/air box.
  3. Yea fuel filter is installed correct, and everything else is in good shape. The problem started 2 weeks before I did the filters
  4. What if anything is done to the car?
  5. american headers, thumpr cams, 4.10 gears, underdrive pulleys, c&l cai and maf, magnaflow exhaust, delete plates, zex 75 shot that has not been used yet, ht0 plugs, and running on a 93 tune from brenspeed

    car has been fine since all work was completed...this all started about 2 weeks ago, out of the blue
  6. 5spd? Clutch slipping?
  7. Possible that the clutch is going bad, can't say for sure unless I drive it but, Perhaps the computer had a brain fart did you try re loading the tune? I've read once or twice on this forum where some member have done that and their problems went away for some reason. :shrug:
  8. Did you check your COPs?
  9. Doubt it, he said that his RPM's aren't raising, as a slipping clutch you would see the rpm's get higher but nothing happen.

    I would try re-loading the tune like sparta had mentioned.
  10. Check the sparkplugs and wires too. I had something like that on my old car with one of the plug wires partially melted to the plug. Sounds like it was worse than yours, but kin of similar. it was a 4 cylinder though so if only 1 of your or two are messed up it could be the cause. Always remember to check all parts of what creates the power (spark, fuel, and air). Sounds like you checked the fuel already, but maybe the fuel pump too. Then look at the other stuff (most likely ignition).