'06 Status Information

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  1. Found out today from the Vehicle Order Processing Centers (ERL) "live" analyst a number to call to obtain “up to the moment” new vehicle information. The number is 1-800-392-3673. Listed below is what I was informed of by the customer service representative.

    1. Last '05 manufactured on 26 July.

    2. Changeover occurs on 3 August.

    3. First '06s built on 5 August.

    Sidebar: She said that similarly equipped ‘06 styled vehicles (same options, colors) would be built first, before ones with fewer similarities.
  2. That's a bit earlier than we've been told the 06 changeover would be. Last info was 05's would be built until around Aug 3 and the 1st 06s would be built on Aug 8 or 9.

    Maybe they ran out of 05 parts early.