$1,000 bucks to burn

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  1. WEll as the title shows i have 1000 bucks to put into my 02 gt mustanag "auto" with that 1000 bucks what should i do. because i really want a supercharger but am coming to realize that i am only 17 and i will not have enough money for a very long time. so i am deciding on what else i should do? 4.10 gears & programmer? things like that please help me out with prices including the install, im not to familure with the new stangs. thank you :nice: ps:: i wanna cut down 1/4 times and get out of the whole alot faster :D :banana: thanks again
  2. get some nitrous
  3. with out trying to nitrous lol....
  4. gears, exhaust
  5. sorry i forgot to add that i have weld in flows :-( sorry
  6. diablo predator
  7. 4.10s and torque converter!
  8. i really like the last 2 comments of corse, isnt getting a stall converter installed expensive? :shrug:
  9. I will give you some fatherly advice (though I am sure you don't care nor is this what you wanted). Is the car under warrenty? If you are 17 and are driving a 2 year old car that may be worth more than your annual earnings, can you pay to have it replaced out of pocket? or for serious repairs? Or for any repairs for that matter? Because, your warrenty will be shot. If you car was given as a gift and you have no lean on it, then that is a different matter all together. I assume, however, money is an issue based on your previous comments.

    As much as I would like to see you modify the sucker, make sure that this expense makes sense. Other wise, you may get really screwed if something goes wrong with the car. Better to have a nice, fast car then one that is slightly faster that is sitting in the garage broken.

    As to what you should do regarding mods for $1000, gears and an SCT Programmer.
  10. Im 17 and Ive obviously lost my warranty. I think as long as you do everything right you shouldnt be worried. With your 1k Id go with either a torque converter or gears and diablo programmer. Good luck man.
  11. well heres the deal my dad pays most i only pay 100 bucks a month! The car does have a 75,000 mile warrenty thats why i am paying that 100 bucks a month. Well i am going to talk to the dealer where i got the car from to see if they can put some performance part in for me and how much it will cost to do so. If they do it the car will remain under warrenty i belive i have heard that many places. i just wanna get a few mods to get my 1/4 time alot better. What do you think the dealer will do because i know i can get a programmer and they wont know because i will be able to set the chip back to stock "i heard" but what will they do and how much? any one know? thanks
  12. ford extended warranty works like insurance there is a little deductable when something breaks. My service manager said they are a lot less strick when it is after the manufactuer 36,000
  13. well the 36000 mark is right there so thats good! so back to what i should get or what they will do? or can i get something from somewhere else if they ok it or something how exactly does the warrenty work?
  14. Don't buy from the dealer. Like you said go talk to your service manager and ask what you can get away with. Mine is alway really cool to me. I was just in there for warranty work friday and I am going back in to get new weather striping put in all free. Just talk to him and see how he is and if he sucks go to a different dealer. GET THE X or maybe gears. I know the X is good from experiance. I got mine through UPR and it works great and was inexpencive
  15. Find a ford dealer who sells and installs FRPP parts. Then you should be ok. They will also flash your ECU for you for about $100 to cover the speedo issue which is a MUST with an automatic. They will insist on it if they agree to install the gears.

    BTW, I am not 100% sure, but if you get a flash programmer and not a chip, you can return your program to stock whenever you want and I believe no one can ever tell it was there.

    Go over to www.modulardepot.com and on the SCT Pre Order section ask that question. They will know.
  16. gears and drag radials.... need some traction for the gears!
  17. get a cold air intake hehehe okay maybe not gears sound good to me
  18. lol cold air intake is nothing but a waste of time and money! so gears installed 500 bucks, 4.30 or 4.10 for my auto?... what else? or should i just try and save for a kb? or how much does it cost to forge my internels? i am so lost on what to do because i want stuff to be done right! thanks
  19. At least 4.10 gears for an auto, Full exhaust, Longtube headers, X pipe And catback (weld in flows do nothing but sound) If you still have money look into a timing adjuster, underdrive pullies, Plenum/Throttle body, or a Mass Air. You cant get all of it, but try to figure out what combo you think is best. Check out www.kmodifiedracing.com. Thats where I bought all of my parts and they have the cheapest prices I have found for all of that stuff.