$1,000 budget :: what would you do?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by AmBo, May 2, 2005.

  1. Yes, this pertains to me but I was wondering what are the most popular power mods that are generally done. I have $1,000 to spend and I am looking for bang-for-the-buck pieces that allow for more power later. Currently I only have K&N Intake and MAC Exhaust. :damnit:

    How would YOU spend my $1,000? :shrug:

  2. plenum/Tb combo
  3. Well what is your car? 96-98 or 99-04?
  4. +1 unless it is a vert then i would throw it in the suspension first.
  5. Gears 4.10's
    TB/PL Accufab :D

    After gear install, if there is money, SFC's
    So yeah, basically the same thing
  6. this question is asked once every day on here. :p but here it goes

    4.10's and xcalibrator
  7. Why not 4.10's and cams? get the heads worked later and you can do bottle or blower...I don't know what it costs to get cams installed...I'm a DIY kinda guy, so if you're not, then the cam install might zap most of your $1K...
  8. plenum/tb
    predator tuner
    shifter if you have a 5 spd
    o/r mid pipe

    Personally, I'd hold off on the gears unless you have an AOD, then I'd drop the Predator and get 4.10s instead
  9. This all sounds relatively familiar. Oh, I have a 00 vert. my info USED to be in my sig. I guess the site got tossed around though. I think I put it back.

    Can anything provide direct links to the exact product that I should buy and where I can get it for the best price? Usually mustang tuning comes up. Anyone have any better online shops?

    Thanks in advance for your expretise knowledge. I <3 Stangnet