Mach 1 1 inch shaker riser?

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  1. Ive been reading about the 1" shaker risers,but I cant find them anywhere...where are these at?who has them?Also what exactly are they,i have seen some pics with them and the shaker sitting higher really looks nice.Please any info.
  2. I did a search over at Mach 1 Registry and found a thread about the Shaker spacers from afew days ago. One of the posters said they are no longer made. I was never a big fan of those. The 1 inch Shaker spacer made the Shaker stick too far up in the air. Looked goofy.
  3. Yea the 1" is a lil too high but I thought that if i knew what it consisted of...maybe I could come up with something on my own.I did the washer thing and moved it up 1/4" but I think It would look just right at around 1/2" but Im kinda afraid of going over the 1/4" like it says on the mods at Mach1registry.
  4. Yeah, I was gonna suggest the washer mod also. I definitely think 1/2" would still look good. Believe it or not their was a guy who put a 4" Shaker spacer on his Mach. It looked rediculous. :nonono:
  5. Well do you think 1/2" would be to much for the washer mod?
  6. I did a search again for some Shaker extension threads and came across one thread that said when you exceed using just afew washers the Shaker does'nt shake as much and it becomes a tight fit when you are closing your hood, so probably that is'nt a good idea. I guess your best bet would be to keep your eyes open in the For Sale thread over at M1R or some other parts site and look for anyone selling their Shaker extension. :shrug:
  7. I have one! its junk and didnt look clean:notnice:

    i took it off and used three washers instead.
  8. I agree with the looks of the 1".What I was wondering is what it really consisted of,then maybe I could get more creative and do like about 1/2" rise.I did mine with 2 metal washers with plastic washers(really thin ones) on each end of the metal ones just as sound dampers,I then took high temp grease and greased up the sockets on the shaker to stop the shaker rattle...that also made it shake more,but i only did a 1/4"rise,I really want the opening of the shaker even with the hood,Im just worried about too much pressure on the hood.

    Also thx for looking up the info,I tried but found nadda,guess the search words I was using didnt do the job...:shrug:
  9. Yeah, you have to get creative with the words you use. I used several diffeent wordings and came up with new threads to look at each time.

  10. With the three metal washers mine sits flush with the hood, or atleast pretty close. Ill get some pics when I get home. Ill take some pics of the riser also, Its sort of like a metal plate that sits between the shaker and the rubber. it's kinda hard to explain, but like I said, ill post the pics later.
  11. Here's the pics....


    And here's the riser P.O.S......

  12. Thx for the pics.Hmmmm,I have 2 metal washers and 2 plastic washers on each end and the front on my shaker doesnt sit that high....:shrug:Guess im gonna have to play some more.When I measure all the washers together it comes out to 1/4".Is yours more than that?Or are the pics with the riser on?
  13. The pics of the shaker is with the three washers, Ill have to measure it but Im guessing its more than 1/4in.
  14. The php intake spacer bumped my shaker up perfectly imo, about 1/4 inch.