10' Stang, tire pressure sensors have to be changed with new tires? Help me decide?

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  1. My back tires on my 2010 Stang need to be replaced.

    1. If I buy new tires ,do I have to buy new tire pressure sensors?
    2. If I buy my friends 2010 Mustangs stock 19's w/stock tires will I need to do anything extra? He's asking for $650 , should I ? Pics below:

    This is my car... I have these plain ugly 18's.


    These are the rims that are on sale: 19's

  2. I ran into this when i changed mine, you will probably have to take it to the dealership to have them programmed so the car will recognize the signal they are sending. Not a big deal will cost a little bit unless you are in good with your dealership :) hope this helps
  3. Yes, it helps thanks.

    You mean if I buy those 19's Id need to get them re-programmed even thought they are off another 2010 mustang?

    Do I have to change the sensor everytime I change my tires even if I get a replacement of exactly what I have stock?
  4. You shouldn't have to replace the sensors if you're switching tires. If you switch wheels you may have to buy the new bands ( for the correct wheel size ) to hold them in place.

    ALSO some places like American Muscle sell the tire pressure sensor reset remote so you can do that yourself instead of taking the car in to the dealership every time the sensor goes off.

    Mustang TPMS Transmitter Tool w/ DVD Instructions at AmericanMuscle.com
  5. Thanks a lot !!
  6. You're welcome I'm just trying to figure out why Ford picked the banded sensor to the valve stem units that are more common. The banded units require both the strap and the sensor to function and can come apart with use.
  7. lol I have no idea... Nice stang BTW