15x8 with 4.5 back spacing?

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  1. Would this fit under the rear of a mustang II? My dad has a 40k mile 76 Cobra II that he bought brand new. A freind of mine has this wheels, I thought about picking them up for my dad if they would fit, I dought he wants to have to roll or beat anything on the car. I would put them on my fox but they dont have enough lug nuts for me.. Thanks James.
  2. At most you might need a spacer to keep the inside edge off the leafs, but they should fit the rear. The front is less forgiving on backspacing...
  3. I'm confused...the blue Fox GT in the pic has 5-lug wheels, but they are not 15x8...more likely 17x8 Bullitt wheels.

    The Mustang II has the same number of lugs as a Fox Mustang, so you would have to do a 5 lug conversion first. Its not a huge deal as these things go...use "Street Rod" 5-lug front rotors (about $70 each) with either redrilled MII rear axles and early Ranger drums or specific custom axles. See the axle swap sticky at the top of the thread list.

    You could also use 4-lug to 5-lug adapters, but the swap is safer.
  4. I think the blue foxbody is his signature pic, rather than the donor car.

  5. A freind of mine has the drag lites. They are 4 lug. I said I would buy them and use them if they where 5 lug since I have converted my car over to 5 lug. The drag lites are going to be going on my dads 76 Cobra II Sorry for the confusion. Im going to pick up the wheels and see if they clear, for $50 doesnt hurt to try, probly run a small street tire. Have a line on a set of 4 lug skinnies for the front.