18x9, 18x10 DD Black Bullitts AND tires

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  1. I have a set of black bullitts that have been setting around collecting dust for way too long. I picked them up from a friend who bought the package new. The fronts are 18x9 with Dunlop SP Sport 265/35 tires and the rears are deep dish 18x10 with BFG Comp t/a 295/35. With the exception of the slight rash that you can see in the picture below, the wheels are in great condition. The rear tires still have about half of their tread left. The fronts are at about 90% tread depth but they have some uneven wear on the inside of each tire due o being on a car that wasn't properly aligned. I had them on my car in the current condition with no adverse effects. Asking $800 for the set. I would rather not ship them however if the buyer pays I will package them up. Also, I am not willing to seperate the wheels from the tires at this time. Please email me at [email protected]. I will be able to reply much quicker since I don't get on here for days at a time.





  2. my email is messed up at home but would you be willing to trade my 17X9 in charcol grey bullitts with great all weather dunlop tires plus i give you quite a bit of cash? if your intrested email me at [email protected] because i chech that everyday at school. only on here on weekends so email me on there if your intrested or tell me if your not as well. been lookin for these rims for a long time but i dont have all cash so i'll give you all i got plus my rims if you'll take it. let me know. thanks
  3. Is that your car in your sig????

    If so, I've had that picture on my computer for about as long as I can remember....

    Lemme know!
  4. still have wheels interested pm me
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