1965-1966 Ford Mustang Rear End

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  1. I have a complete rear end including brakes and emergency brake cables out of a 65 Mustang with a 200 I6. The axles are 4 lug. Sorry guys this is not an 8 inch. It should work fine with fresh gear lube, but it may need some other work as well. The brake system on the car was rebuilt back in the mid 90's, but the wheel cylinders will probably need replacing. I am located in central Texas.


    Here it is pictured next to my Versailles rear end which is not for sale.

  2. I forgot to mention that the drums and shoes (pads) should be in good condition as well.
  3. rearend

    is it a 9 inch rear end
  4. The Versailles is a 9 inch, but its in my car. The one next to it is for an I6, but I sold it a little while back. Sorry, I should have updates this thread and said it was sold.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.