Engine 1970 Mach1 Looking for Block - Heads

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by texinc66, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. I am doing a complete ground up restoration on a 1970 Mach1
    Vin 0T05H163745
    engine # 4H583480 (351c 1973 model)
    05 = Mach 1 2 Door HT (Fastback) Body Style 63C

    H = 351 2V Cleveland

    163745 = 1970 Numerical Sequence of Assembly

    it has a 1973 - 351 c in it and I am looking for a date specific 1970 year matching block and heads

    Thx Sal
  2. a matching block is hard to find i got lucky and found a 390 gt for my black 67 fast back .it apears to have been made the same day as my 67 so keep looking
  3. Try Craigslist in your area under auto parts, search 351 C or 351 Cleveland. I have found 3 period correct date code engines for myself & friends. I also know of a mustang restoration shop near me that has many engines that probably could hook you up.