Build Thread 1978 Fairmont Futura Broken Am I?

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  1. Well, at least you own it,'s wrong as a rats ass, but by god, if anybody's gonna put an adverb in the wrong place, it's your right to do it!:fuss:

    Rock on player..:rolleyes:.
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  2. What a sad in Monster thread history. Instead of wastegates and boost controllers and 6 cylinder mayhem, the discussion has turned to knee replacements and proper adverb usage.

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  3. Meh,....that will be what's left of my life here in the next 30 days. I could take pictures of the deck I'm building to surround the wife's new above ground "mobile home" pool....:nice:

    We had one of these things at our last home. A 24 footer that was 52" deep. Cost 3500.00 back in 06...and they had to dig down 4' on the high side of the "pad" that the pool sat on to level out our sloping lot.

    This time around, the pool is oval,...15 x 30', and they didn't have to dig at all save to level out the pad...

    This time around the pool cost 7500.00. The deck I'm building adds 2 grand to that... Cheap, when you consider that any "real" inground pool would be 4-5 times that...

    It's the lesser of two evils though,....This pool is my wife's sanctuary...It's THE reason she'll leave me alone when I can finally turn my attention to the Monster....and even at 10k, and all of my labor to build the deck.......

    It barely holds a candle to how much of my time, and money is sitting in the basement, covered in orange paint.

    I consider it a very wise investment, and usage of my remaining mobility before I go to Steve Austin land..:cool:

    I wonder how fast I'll be able to run after I get my implants....

    Da nuh-nuh-nuh-nuhhhh
  4. [QUOTE="madmike1157, post: 9065284, member: 162211

    I wonder how fast I'll be able to run after I get my implants....

    Da nuh-nuh-nuh-nuhhhh[/QUOTE]


    I'll have those too after sitting around this house for 6-8 weeks....:nonono:

    I'm more worried about becoming an Opioid addict,...losing my job,..... my wife,..selling off everything,..and becoming homeless while I walk around grubbing through inner city dumpsters,......mumbling something about Monster this, back in my day that,....
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  6. I think that would be 'playa' nowadays.
    Maybe not, afterall I don't do hiphop.
    Played hopscotch once, failed miserably.
  7. I drank scotch once.
  8. Me too, failed that also, unless you count falling down, did good job there.
  9. All I know is,..I gotta get some time to focus on the car, and the garage again.

    It rains here everyday it seems. Since that pool was installed it has literally rained more in the last three weeks than it rained all of last year. (Well,...considering that last year was the worst drought this state has went through in record, any rain would be more that we had all of last year.)

    My surgery is looming large,..I'm starting to get forms mailed and emailed to me. I found out how much money my short term disability is gonna pay while I'm out,..(barely enough to keep me off of the corner w/ a cardboard sign).

    In the meantime I'm killing myself....slowly.

    They call this form of suicide "Building a deck by yourself at 60"

    Not that it's all that hard,..but a 2 x 10 x 16' is a heavy muther phckr,..and this deck had 10 of them that had to be lifted,carried, cut and placed in this build. When we moved, I thought I would never use any of my air nailers again, so I sold them off before the move.
    Now I'm having to nail every freaking nail with a hammer,....And I suck at swinging a hammer.
    (Not so much the "swinging" part,.. it's the "hitting" part I suck at)

    So picture it,...I'm having to lug all of this lumber from point A where they delivered it, to the deck location 60 feet away, either over the fence, or through the gate, that isn't a straight shot into the back yard. All of this first step crap is in between rain, and when it isn't raining, the air is so full of humidity that just being in it causes you to sweat. When I get it where it needs to be It's gotta get cut, then lifted into place, held plumb, then hand,....with a god...... damned.....hammer!!

    If I don't have a stroke before I even make it to the knee surgery, it'll be a miracle.

    This is what the thing looked like after day two:
    legs, piers, beams, ends, one side railed (because there are freakin rose bushes and a chainlink fench blocking my access to the other side, so I had to build it, and stand that btch up and bolt it in place through the inside.)

    This is day three:
    Notice that I'm looking out of the window, at the rain,....

    I've since bought a palm nailer. No framing nailer by any comparison, but it still allows you to literally push a 2.5"-3" galvanized nail into a board w/ the lightest of pressure.

    I'm getting ready to go back out there this morning and mess with it some more,..for about 90 minutes,..maybe I'll get a few more deck boards nailed in place by the time I gotta go to work.

    I need to adjust the valves on the monster,..I'd like to drive him one of the few remaining saturday nights that I have left. It's rained every Saturday anyway, so it's not like I've missed the opportunity, but someday, It's gonna stop.
  10. I gots me a screw gun, well, actually two, one to drill the hole, one to screw the screw, not really any easier, but I'm not bashing my fingers a toes, yes I said toes, holding a board in place with my foot, correct footwear is optional, after all I live in Polk county.
  11. 20160625_120046.jpg I feel your pain, built all of this by myself with hammer and nails, but I did screw the decking.
  12. That looks good, pool looks to be the same size as ours,..15 x 30'?
  13. Yep 15x30 , the oval just fit better in my yard.
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  14. Maybe should have gotten a Harbor Freight framing nailer. I got one to build a pergola. I bought it with the thought if it lasted thru 2 days of use, I got my money's worth and could just throw it away. It still works. I probably wouldn't go in the framing business with it, but for occasional use it was well worth the money,

    Your deck's coming along nicely for solo work!
  15. Thanks,. Hoping that by Monday next week, I'll post a completed pic of that thing...It's not supposed to rain these next couple of days, so I'll be back in full sweat'n like a pig mode.

    ( C'mon back dangerous dehydration, and midnight leg cramps!....:banana:)

    Somewhere out there though,......sitting in a dark corner is the Monster. Now making 10 pounds of boost, not pingin, and me w/ no place to go with it. I have said that I need to look at the valves, and that will be what I try to accomplish next, all in my efforts to shut that thing up. When driving the thing, they're so freakin noisy, I swear they're loose, but every time that valve cover comes off, they're right where they're supposed to be.

    I've been progressively tightening the lash every time I take the cover off as a result. The cam specs want me to lash those valves at like .020e/ 18i, but the cam guy wanted me to tighten them up to 16/14, and that's where they are now currently. Tonight, or tomorrow morning (if I can sneak down there and mess w/ it for an hour before deck duty), I'll tighten them up again to 14/12.

    And maybe next Saturday night,..if it isn't raining,....:burnout:.
  16. That should SO be your new CT...
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  17. You know,.....

    This whole build thread thing here is a giant menagerie. Today, while trying to reply to a different thread, I was trying to find a point in my past history of this thread where I installed the Turbosmart wastegates so I could reference a picture where I made a gauge to test those junk Chinese gates and I couldn't find it. I was trying to show another guy w/ a "I can't make boost" thread a picture of my rigged-up pressure tester, but after going back through the months, a page at a time, I couldn't find it. I couldn't find the picture in my stupid photo bucket either. I couldn't find any reference to where I had even done the WG swap....

    Somebodies hacked me.....This this has gotten waay to bloated...It's like looking for a small screwdriver in my old garage....

    I'll tell ya one thing though....Unless you either can't stand me, ( clearly, you won't be reading this) or You have a real attention deficit disorder, and you don't/won't read the junk I write, or all of the junk I write here...... (Noobz) There is some funny sht goin on in here. Between what I say, and what some of you guys have written back, this thread is an entertaining diversion. ( As long as you got a couple of days to waste).

    It's full of near miss trauma, animal cruelty, drunken debauchery, and the price paid for drunken debauchery.There are multiple instances of me waffling,..pssing, moaning, btching "Complete arrogance, inconsiderate condescention, and just about every other negative personality trait that I can display in one place. Yet there is still some contingent of commentary from a list of regulars...

    (I'd guess you are one of the ones that sit in turn 3 at a GN stock car race just to watch how bad the wreck is if and when it happens...)

    There's the "Dave's" of the world to reassure the collective that I'm not such a prick after you know me,..The "Steve's" of the world to keep me from blowin sht up,.. The "Chris's", & "Nick's" to tell me that "they think it would've looked better if's", and the Noobz's out there to condense all the blather into his version of read-able content.

    The Texas contingent come and go,..depending on whether I've pssed either the "Allen's" or "Collin's" off lately, but they have always for the most part.... been here. Guy's who steal cars frequent here,( depending on how you look at it) .."Old", Old electronic aircraft techs, Current automotive techs, All hanging out in "my garage" just to see what kind of dumb sht I come up with..

    Welcome all.
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