Engine 1992 4-cylinder Oil Pan Removal In The Car

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  1. The engine is raised at least 3" and the transmission 1". We rotated the crankshaft, raised, lowered, twisted every which way. I even ground on the ribs on the pan where they were bumping the cross member and then peened the cross member with an air hammer. There's just no way I see for that thing to come out without pulling the engine. Help me out, please.
  2. Remove the engine or remove the K-member.
  3. Your only hope would be if you could get in there to get the pickup off because that's what it's hanging up on. If you can't do that, you're probably screwed. There are baffles in the later model pans and I'd say that's what's holding you up.
  4. I would not even think about trying to remove and reinstall the oil pan in the car.

    Been there, done that. I learned the hard way and have since pulled the 5.0 engines in both my Foxes to fix pan issues. Would not do it on a 2.3 either.

    Just not worth it. Much easier and faster to pull it. Then you can reinstall the pan and gasket easily and avoid leaks.
  5. I got it done. So, I thought I'd run over the what I had to do to get it to happen. The engine has to be raised. To do that you need one of these. Add a shim to take up slack in both the hinges. It's cheap and it works fine.
    Pull the transmission, torque converter and flex plate, or flywheel.
    Raise the engine about 3".
    Pan will clear oil pump and pickup.

    That's it. The exhaust was off for other reasons. I don't know whether or not if it'd have to be pulled. We had a transmission jack but a real man probably doesn't require one. I'd never installed an automatic and my dumb ass didn't realize the torque converter slips on the transmission before it gets put into place behind the flex plate.