1993 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible w/ *Chameleon Paint* FOR SALE!!!

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May 18, 2011
For sale is my beautiful 1993 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 convertible.
The car has a 5-speed manual transmission w/ a newer clutch.
There has been absolutely no work done underneath the hood,
other than a K&N air filter. Other modifications done to the car
(as told to me the friend who I bought the car off of) include:
355 gears, a Flowmaster exhaust system, & an off-road X-pipe.
Now in regards to the mileage, my best friend's co-worker, Bob,
is the man whom I purchased the car off of. Bob is also the one
responsible for ALL of the car's modifications, including the car's
355 gears. From what I was told: although the vehicle's mileage
reads 98,750, the car ACTUALLY has closer to 73,000 to 75,000
miles because for whatever reason, the gears were never synced
to the speedometer. So whenever driving the car, the speedometer
will read 15mph MORE than you are actually driving (i.e. - while
driving 25mph, the speedometer will show that you are driving 40)
hence the mileage being higher than it really is. I hope this doesn't
sound confusing. If you have any addition questions about this, by
all means feel free to shoot me email so that I may be able
to elaborate a bit more. Moving on, the car sits on 16" Pony rims w/
2 new Continental tires in the front (95% tread) & BFGoodrich tires
in the rear (60% tread). The car also has an aftermarket Sony Xplod
52Wx4 CD player. The heat & air conditioning both work & run great.
& believe it or not, the ashtray door on the middle console is in 100%
working condition as well (a real rarity w/ the Fox Body Mustangs)!
Another slight modification of the vehicle involves the interior's 2
front seats. I believe the stock seats included a headrest of some
sort. However, new, custom-made white leather seats (w/out the
headrests) were installed by Bob so to give the convertible a more
"sleek" look when driving around w/ the top down. The 2 front seats
are in excellent shape, w/ the driver side obviously showing a tad bit
more wear & tear than the passenger side. The rear bench-style seat
is in excellent condition, as well. No rips, tears, smudging, etc. of any
kind on any of the vehicle's interior seats, armrests, etc. The vehicle's
convertible top, however, is a different story. Although the top is still
functional & w/out any real concerning leaks, it does have fraying in
some areas, & small tear on the side just behind the small rear window
(kind of where the convertible top meets the edge's hem). Could get
by w/ it as-is just fine for a while, but down the road may need to be
replaced as w/ most convertible tops. Finally, I figured I'd talk about
the car's most obvious distinguishing feature last. & that, of course,
would be THE PAINT! I can honestly say that I have never seen a
more incredible paint job on any other vehicle in my entire life. Bob,
my best friend's co-worker, works at a very well-known & highly-
respected body shop & actually did the paint job himself while he
owned the car. I tried capturing as many of the vehicle's colors while
taking the pictures, but no photograph will ever do this chameleon
paint enough justice. The car literally turns from green to blue to
purple to orange & even to a slight yellow depending on the time of
day & the angle of the sun. You wanna talk about breaking necks?
Haha this car will do that &&& some! As for the vehicle's overall body
& the paint's condition, I'd give the car a solid 98.5 out of 100. The
body is 100% perfect w/out any dents, dings, etc. The paint has an
extremely small scratch about a 1/2 inch from the driver's side door
key hole, w/ maybe 2 other very FAINT scratches on front bumper
& rear quarter-panel by gas tank. But they are honestly not even big
enough to see unless you are right on top of them & actually looking
for them. So yea, that's my baby! Haha if you are at all interested
in hearing more about the car, would like to see more pictures, or
would like to stop over & check it out for yourself sometime, feel
free to shoot me an email & we'll go from there!



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Nov 19, 2011
De Price, De Price

HI sure like to see a price and where the car is located
thank you
Reiner K Studenroth
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