1994 Cobra

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  1. Looking at purchasing a 94 cobra and decided to check kelly blue book values for the car. KBB shows about half the asking price for most of the ones I have looked at. What do you guys think a 94 cobra with 150,000 miles would be worth? The car is a coupe with no modifications and is a 2 owner car with good service records. Thanks.
  2. I just bought a 94 cobra about 4 months ago. It has 178k on it, but the engine runs good and doesn't leak. However, I have spent 2k on it to get new wheels,tires, lowering springs and so on. The car was repainted and I'm sure repaired but was done right. I plan on putting a 408w in it. I paid 6k for the car, but I think it's worth it because you will have a cobra plus with the high mileage on it, it won't hurt anything value wise if you modify it to the way you want it, or the way they should have been built. Just make sure you look it over carefully and drive it before you buy.
  3. Oh, and my cobra was bone stock with the only mod being a cobra R hood. I've seen 94-95 cobras with supercharges and low miles go for 8-9k
  4. Thanks for the info Clint426. I kind of hate to tell you what I paid. It had a few more miles than I thought being at 189k. It had really nice 5 spoke 18" rims and tires are in great shape. I also got the original rims and the tires on them are in good condition. I would not use them because of the age. Car was professionly lowered 2". I got the stock springs that were removed from the car. Single chamber flowmasters were added and I got the original mufflers that were on the car. Upgraded console and you guessed it I got the original. The car has the mach 460 sound system with 2 or 3 amplifiers in the trunk and a JVC cd/am-fm upgrade and I got the original also.Also included was the original framed letter from FoMoCo stating the car is build number so and so of I think about 6000. Got the letter to the original buyer from the dealership that sold the car. I could go on and on about the items the seller included. The car will need paint. No rust but bad fading. The transmission had been upgraded to a Ford racing one. Included was a 3.73 to 1 ring and pinion from Ford racing, never used. I usually lose money whether buying or selling but your reply made me feel I got an exceptional deal. I gave three thousand and six hundred dollars. I've got a Fordstrokers 347 but as good as this car runs I doubt I will be doing anything to it except enjoying it for a while.
  5. that's cool, sounds like you got a pretty good deal then. Yeah, I got all of that with mine as well as the papers and all. I haven't figured out how to post pics on this forum yet, otherwise I would so you. The only thing I don't like about my cobra was that it was pretty much a stripped down model with cloth seats and no keyless entry. But, I have the same cloth seats they used in the cobra r and colors as well, so that's cool I guess. I also found that the sony cd player in my car wasn't wired in properly. the mach 460 system sounded like crap. Come to find out they used an adapter that uses the speaker level outputs of the radio, not the pre amp outs. I bought the proper pre amp out connectors from crutchfield and installed a new kenwood that has 4 channel pre amp outs. now it sounds really good. You should try 3M rubbing compond super fine cut and see if you can bring some of your paint back to life.
  6. I have some areas where the paint has faded so bad that it is close to the primer. Everything is still black but just barely in some spots. I'll try the rubbing compound and see what happens. When are you going 408? That will be a super fast car with a 408.
  7. Ok, if its that close to the primer, be careful with the rubbing compound. maybe by hand in those areas. I hope to have the 408 ready and running by springs. kind of a winter project. right now I'm just having fun trying to find the best deals on blocks, parts, and so on. I think it will help this car a lot. I was going back and forth between 347 or 408. I decided on the 408 because the cost wasn't going to be that much more and the power range will be lower in the rpm which is better for a street car. I don't plan on racing it so it won't be a high reving engine. maybe 6500 rpm at best.
  8. I know what you mean about going back and forth between the two strokers. Lots and lots of items new and used for sale on the corral forum. I will probably do a head and cam swap just to see the difference doing only that mod will make. I already have a TF stage 1 cam and can use the heads off the 347. They are the TF twisted wedge heads with 58cc chambers. CNC ported intake and exhaust runners. That would be interesting and not too expensive. The only major purchase will be the headers. Good luck in your quest for that stroker. Appreciate your replies.