1998 mustang GT convert top leaks, need help

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by mikeysmustang, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. does anyone know of new moldings for the 1998 gt convert or what the problem might be... on both lt & rt side qt glass area's .... its like the moldings are shrunk or do not fit right, also had leaks around rear glass in which I did fix by glue, had to put a strong glue around the glass area of rear glass, I ran a bead around the whole glass and it stopped that leak..now for the qt glass area's/// any idea's?? oh and yes I do know about new tops DOH!!

    trying to wait on buying a new top just yet, but will get the top for the 2000 because they made the molding system better..

    just thought someone out there had problems with their qt glass area with leaks as well....once I figure it out I'll post what and how I did it....
    I've been an auto bodyman and painter for over 35 yrs so im sure I'll get it one way or the other/...lmao

    take care :D