1999-2004 Mustang V6 Supercharger

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  1. 1999-2004 Mustang V6 Supercharger

    This is a custom built setup with an Eaton / Magnuson MP90 Series IV supercharger.

    This is not a commercially made “kit”, it was made by me in my home shop.

    This is NOT a oem thunderbird supercharger, it is a aftermarket unit.

    This supercharger setup bolts on in place of the original upper intake plenum.

    The manifold adapter is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and is made in three pieces for compactness and ease of istallation.

    It is driven off of the same serpentine belt as all of the rest of the front engine accessories. This supercharger has a 2.80” upper pulley, this combined with the OEM crank pulley will produce approximately 11 psi boost. With a 25% underdriven crank pulley it makes approximately 7 psi boost. I recommend the 7 psi boost setting since it will run satisfactorily on pump premium gas. You also would need to supply your own underdrive crank pulley as I am keeping mine. You can get the crank pulley at Welcome To Auto Specialties Plus Inc - 1 887 928 8678 as well as some other places. ASP Racing can make different size crank pulley's if you want to change the boost.

    On the 7 psi setting, you may or may not be able to get away with the original fuel pump. Stock pump ran fine on mine but you may need to upgrade yours.

    Included with this supercharger setup is a '03 Cobra dual blade oem throttle body and inlet plenum, custom built inlet adapter, custom built Cold Air Intake with a huge K&N air filter, a C&L 95mm MAF housing using a Cobra MAF sensor. Also included are 39 psi '03 Cobra injectors.

    I am not providing any tuning with this setup, you will need to get it tuned by whatever tuning shop you choose to use.

    You will also need to modify the hood with a scoop or use a custom hood for clearance.

    This supercharger setup has about 4,000 mechanically trouble free miles on it. I have removed it from my car so I could go back to using regular gas and in preperation for trading the car in.

    This supercharger kit is not for the weak hearted, if you are not experienced with this sort of performance parts installation then you should seek professional assistance. Installation of this setup is not terribly difficult but there may be some unforseen modifications needed, maybe something on your car that is slightly differeent than mine. I had this installed on a 2004 3.9 V6 Mustang with a 2000 model non-IMRC intake.

    I will include all the parts you need to install this setup except for the crank pulley and tuning.

    I make no warranties on this custom high performance setup, buy it at your own risk, no returns. I will tell you that it was operating fine when removed.

    If you have any questions please ask and I will answer as best as I can.

    I will include a CD with all the pictures that I have to help with the install and will include as much in the way of installation instructions as I can come up with.

    I have probably 100 hours worth of fabrication time invested in this supercharger setup.

    I am asking $1750 for it plus $75 shipping to the 48 contiguous states. I will ship to Alaska or Hawaii but shipping will be higher. I will not ship outside the U.S.

    If you are outside the U.S. and can come up with someone here to forward it to you I will do that.

    If it doesn't sell fairly quickly on here then it will go on ebay.

    Send me a PM if you have questions.

    I am near Houston, TX. If you want to pick it up from me.




  2. Is this still for sale or could you provide this service for a fee?
  3. Good luck. This member hasn't signed into the site in over 3-years and his avatar now show's he's driving an S197. I think it's safe to say this ones a lost cause.
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