1999 Mustang Gt Cranks But Dont Start

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  1. Hey i really need help i have a 1999 mustang gt it cranks over but dont start it has a good starter altenator brand new battery and i just put seafoam in the gas tank and it still dont come on it turns over but dont come on i even tried pushing the button in the trunk nothing anybody got ideasits a automatic with 144,000 miles on it and the radiatoris full of that gunky brown stuff help me out plz
  2. Do you hear the fuel pump coming on?

    Are there any codes stored in the computer?

    Is the theft light flashing?

    This could be any number of things right now. Do you have the tools to check fuel pressure? Does it have spark?
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  3. Gunky brown in the radiator could be a blown head gasket. Might be looking for a new engine or a rebuild. Sorry man, good luck.

  4. Hey i just checked the fuel pressure its getting fuel 100 percent sure i plugged a scanner and it said no codes found i also had someone take the alarm off completely. What other option u think i can do??
  5. The back red button ive checked that to it just turns over the spark i honestly havnt tried checkin but the engine oil is fine not muddy
  6. Would the transmission have anything to do with this the emergency brake is hard to pull up and doesnt stay up it slams back down
  7. Check for spark, just pull a coil and see if you're getting spark from it. Also spray some starting fluid in the intake to make sure it's not a fuel problem. A fuel pressure gauge would be nice so we know what the pressure is :)
  8. Two things...

    One, we still need to know if you have spark. You need fuel, spark, and compression to mechanically run the engine. Make sure you have these things present.

    Secondly, how was the alarm removed? The car should still have PATS unless it was removed from the computer. A PATS issue can allow for a crank no start condition, so it needs to be ruled out.