2.3 N/A Exhaust clips?

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  1. Anyone has a 2.3 N/A exhaust clip with maybe a Flowmaster or some sort of after market muffler? Can't stand the sound of it stock, looking for options. Thanks :D
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    I've been meaning to get a newer & longer video with startup, idle, rev, pull away for a long time. Now that I have fixed my computer and installed the software maybe I'll do it one of these weekends. This car has a Pacesetter header, Magnaflow cat and a Dynomax muffler.
  3. Sounds pretty good, how much did the whole set up cost?
  4. I have one from my old Mustang that I need to upload somewhere. Tealtiger do you have that file uploaded somewhere? I don't know if photobucket lets you upload audio clips or not.

    It was a '90 2.3L, long tube header, one stock cat left, dual flowmaster 40's with tailpipes out the back.
  5. Too much.
    Header - ~$180
    Cat - $95
    Muffler - $45
    Tailpipe - $120
    So $440 (my Dad brought home piping laying around from work and welded it all together) without install costs. Also needed gaskets, etc. The welds weren't the best so we used some J.B. Weld too. I spent too much.

    I actually still have it in my e-mail! Photobucket won't seem to let me upload it (audio file) but I've e-mailed it back to you so you have it. DriveThru what is your e-mail? One of us can send it to you.
  6. youtube should let you upload audio files
  7. I bet you sent that back to my yahoo e-mail....I don't have that addy anymore.

    No big deal, I still have the file on my computer. If DriveThru posts his e-mail (or PM's it to one of us) either of us can send it.
  8. Yea I just got a "failure to deliver" e-mail haha. I'll try and out it up on YouTube.
    EDIT: YouTube just told me it wouldn't successfully upload .wav files so DriveThru post your e-mail and one of us will send it to you.
  9. tealtiger, if you don't send that to him today, I can do it later tonight, the file is on my home computer.
  10. tealtiger that sounds awesome for an N/A 2.3.
  11. BTW I sent drivethru the clip last night...
  12. Thanks, I'm going to get another soon! That clip wasn't that good either. The idle is real nice from behind the car (there's some rattling up front since I put it on and I don't really know what it is but it never stopped running so I never worried about it).

    Thanks I didn't get on here yesterday.
  13. Thanks for the clips. I'm thinking about going with a Dynomax muffler, and removing the stock cats for now. I think thats my project for next weekend :D After I get it done I'll load some clips up to show you all.