2000 Convertible Window Problem

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  1. I've been having trouble with the drivers side window regulator on my "new" 2000 convertible. After removing the inner door skin, I found that the window had separated from the window regulator on the rear of the door (near the latch). The dealer had added some type of gunk to attach the window glass to the metal "u-shaped" bracket on the regulator and the gunk had come loose. I took the car to collision shop in town because I figured that they would know how to repair it. They said that the regulator was damaged and needed to be replaced.
    The new regulator stayed attached for about 2 weeks before it came loose. The shop took another stab and re-attached the window. This time it lasted about 3 weeks before it came loose. Now they want to replace the window for about 200 bucks.
    I then took the car to a glass repair shop and they said that this year Mustang has a problem with the regulator and that a new style regulator and window must be installed to fix the problem (From a 2005 and up Mustang) for about 250 bucks.
    I've searched thru this forum and others and have not seen much about this problem. What should I do....Replace the old style window and hope it holds or some how replace with some newer style?
    I just want the window to go up and down and stay in it's track!

  2. I have this exact problem!!! The body shop work lasted about 3 weeks and it let go. I scheduled an appointment with this Gerber Auto Repair and Glass repair--What a moron. The guy looked at the car and said he wouldn't touch it. I also have a 2000 convertible.
    Has anyone else had this problem? How did you fix it? Does anyone know if the newer regulator works better than the original equipment? Please help!