2000 stang- first car

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by ezkartpro125, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. hey i just got a 2000 mustang coupe with the 3.8 v6. its an automatic. what rear end does it have, the 7.5 or 8.8? also, i think the axles are the 28 spline, is that correct? how hard is it to install a posi in this car?
  2. I know it has a 7.5 rear end...but thats all i know.
  3. it's a 7.5 with 28 spline axles and i think its pretty hard to do a install. it might seem easy but its not. might as welll get some gears if you do decide to install. i think 4.10's for autos, it would be alot cheaper amd get it done by a pro.
  4. dude, but like should i just try and find an 8.8 bcuz im gonna v-8 this car soon
  5. Why didn't you buy one with a V8 to start with?
  6. Yes. Then you'll already have a t-lock too.
  7. I'd sugest geting a whole rear end that has the 8.8" t-loc and gears of your choice from an internet store. Check out this site to get some ideas of what you can buy and how much it would cost. Also read around the forums because a lot of people do this mod. so there's a lot of info here on the boards . you just have to read.
  8. if you EVER plan on drag racing it at the track or adding alot of hp and tq buy an 8.8 with 3.73 gears, any mustang 8.8 will bolt right in the only thing you might have to do is stick in yoru axles from yoru v6 (this is if you dont have any of that stupid abs, traction crap)

    if you just want to upgrade yoru stock rear end buy gears adn tlok NEW from www.gefracing.com buy 4.10 ratio for an auto 3.73 for manual. the isntall is extremly important its not easy to do, well it is, but if you dont know what you are doing you will screw it up.

    you must shim the geras right and set the backlash right and get the gear pattern correct or they will whine and drive you insane. price on gears shoudl be 400~ price on install shoudl be 200 max
  9. i will get a bigger rear-end when i bust the one i have now :D
  10. That's kinda what I'm going to do too unless I end up supercharging and having some extra cash lying around (which isn't all that likely) I doubt I'll have much trouble with my rear end for a good long while. One of my friends has an 85 GT and he didn't up grade to a 8.8 till last year when he rebuilt his engine. Before the rebuild he was making like 275rwhp, after 350. He put in different heads and some other stuff. Anyway, my point is his 7.5 held up for like 8 years making 275rwhp, and I'm not making anything near that. Actually my Tlock is from his old rear end.