2001 Door Hinge Pin Replacement

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  1. My wife just bought a 2001 Coupe. The door almost fall off when you open them. I went to Auto Zone and O'Reilly today and they don't carry a suitable replacement part. Well, they gave me what they said would work. So I cut the hinge pins out, which is a major pain in the butt. When I tried to install the bushings they were too big for the hinge. So I had to half-### piece my wife's hinges back together just to put the door back on. I spent half the day working on here car and got nowhere. I am so frustrated. Can someone please point me somewhere I can buy these hinge pins that actually fit?

  2. Wow, these forums are slower than the 94-95 5.0 forums.
  3. mike the holes and give a length i can make u a couple. as far as price just pay for hardened bolts i'll cut off heads and champfer welding flat washer on top.probably less than 10 w/ shipping - will send and pay if works.. just cut a slice in bushing and remove excess till it's snug then i'll make that size, ( I D of hole w/ bushing in it) if you want to try it 816-560-5053 adjustment was putting a small 2x4 on door jam bottom, and close door on top, 2x4 under an inch or so w/o touching outer skin THEN add pressure closing door, remove 2x4 and ck. repeat till it is where you want.. little by little is the best so you don't over do it .. done a LOT of doors this way w/o replacing pins jb
  4. I have no experience with the Mustang doors, but I did replace one on my 87 MR2. NAPA had a good selection of pins.
    ( The MR2 used a Chrysler pin, and I had to drill out the hinge, per an MR2 website)
  5. I thought about drilling the pins to accept the larger bushings. I didn't have a drill press or even a drill big enough to hold the proper drill bit. The car was at my wife's rental house because the garage is cooler. The Ford dealership was just down the road. So I just dropped the cash and bought new hinges. I am a machinist and actially thought about just making all new hardware. But in the end I am happy with the OEM hinges. The are very nice and should last another 10 or 12 years.
  6. Getting them from the dealer is the easiest, and you are pretty sure they will fit. I only had to drill out my MR2 one because the stealership price was stupid, and the Chryler one from NAPA was about $2.99.