2001 Gt Auto Can't Shift Into 3rd/4th Gear

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  1. Hi guys, I just bought a 2001 Mustang GT with the 4-speed auto (152k miles), that was rebuilt at 141k miles, so should be relatively fresh (also had 3.73 gears installed). All that work was done with the second to last owner.

    Just recently had a overheating problem fixed (thermostat), and out of the blue I am no longer able to drive into 3rd/4th gear. The car just accelerates from 1st to 2nd normally, and that's it.

    A curious symptom is that when left in drive, and I'm pushing on the gas pedal, the car acts like it's revving in neutral, until you rev past 3500 (which is where you get acceleration again in 2nd). What could be the problem? Solenoid? Shifter not being recognized from being in Drive?

    I have no CELs at this time showing up (may not be showing up at all, as that same second to last owner straight-piped the car and had a custom O2 sensor to hide the missing catalytic converters).

    Appreciate the help I can get. I have attached the original workpaper from the transmission shop that did the work (number is disconnected, and text is very faded, I can't read it).

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  2. It sounds like either your intermediate shaft broke or your direct drum clutch went bad. Did you check the fluid level and condition?
  3. I have no idea what those two parts are.

    I will work on checking that tomorrow. Too dark right now for me to see it today, but it SHOULD be fine. Haven't had any leaks at all since I bought car a couple of weeks ago.
  4. This trans needs to come out and be torn down to see what happened inside is what it comes down to. The two items I mentioned are the most likely causes based on your description. I don't know what kind of warrantee the trans rebuild came with by it wouldn't hurt to contact them and find out if it is covered.

    If not covered then this would be a good time to put performance parts into the trans to make it capable of handling more power without failure.
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  5. By adjusting the levels in Photoshop, I was able to read your invoice.
    The transmission was rebuilt in June 2015 by installing a "Banner" kit (you can look up what this kit includes on Amazon), a re-manufactured torque converter, and a TransGo HD2 valve body reprogramming kit.

    Parts were $500, transmission fluid $68, labor $780.88, and tax $51.12.
    Warranty is 90 days or 4000 miles, whichever occurs first.
  6. It's not going to be covered then.

    If you didn't hear/feel a bang while driving then the intermediate shaft probably didn't snap. That would mean the direct clutch isn't holding. Several reasons it might not be holding but a tear down is the only way to find out. The direct drum is pretty much the last item to come out of the trans case during a tear down as it sits in the ring gear on the output shaft.

    the 4R70W is actually a pretty straight forward trans to rebuild but will require a few transmission specific tools to do it.
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  7. Looks like you either need to beef up another auto, or put a trusty ol 5 speed in there. I beat the :poo: out of my TR-3650 almost everyday and I don't see it dying on me for at least another 50k miles.
  8. Agreed, but some of us can no longer use a clutch(old age, injury).
  9. If I were to manual swap an auto car, the 3650 is my last choice lol. Have the auto rebuilt, beef up the clutches and put a good stall in it this time.

    Sadly old age is getting me too and my manual days are behind me now. But I promise my 4r70w car is fun and the trans is awesome.
  10. The 4R70W can be built to handle 900-1000 HP, shift faster than you can blink and chirp the 2-3 shift at 1/2 throttle. Can also just leave it in D in heavy traffic and relax.
  11. One thing I like is the way the auto tranny lugs the engine at idle and makes the exhaust sound deeper than my stick Cobra did. Impressed my neighbor when it chirped the tires shifting too. Still miss my stick shift though(not during rush hour LOL).