*2002 Ford Mustang GT-Supercharged*

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  1. *2002 Ford Mustang GT-Supercharged*

    4.6L SOHC V8 with supercharger
    Tremec 3650 5-Speed Transmission
    Less than 60K miles
    Black Leather Interior....mint
    Mach Audio System with 6 CD Changer
    Made 378.4RWHP and 409LB FT of Torque when dyno'd last without the larger throttle body and intake plenum. Somewhere closer to 400RWHP now.


    Procharger P-1SC Supercharger pumping 10lbs of boost-less than 10K miles
    Front Mount, 3 Core, Air-to-Air Intercooler
    Blow-Through Style MAF
    42lb Ford Racing Fuel Injectors
    Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump
    75MM Accufab Throttle Body
    Accufab Upper Intake Plenum
    Nitto 555 Extreme Tires up front- almost brand new
    Nitto 555R Drag Radials out back- about 1/2 tread left
    Magnaflow Mufflers and Tips.....sounds amazing
    SCT Handheld Programmer
    Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch- less than 1000 miles on it

    Also comes with stock fuel injectors, intake tube, throttle body/ intake plenum, spare heads. Everything needed to put it back to stock if desired.

    Looks-car has won several local car shows

    Arancio Ishtar (Lamborghini 2003) PPG Paint
    Black Vinyl Graphics
    Black Widow Fiberglass hood
    Black Widow Polyurethane Ground Effects
    Z3 Roadster Style Fenders
    Altezza Tail Lights
    Halo Fog Lights
    Boss Motorsports 317 Series Chrome Rims
    Black Aluminum Spoiler

    This car has a salvage title as it has been in a previous accident. The car was fixed by a reputable local company. It had major rear end damage so the back half was cut off at the seams and the body from a donor Mustang was welded on. All the cutting and welding was done at the factory seams to insure strength and seamless quality. The welds were solid beads NOT the factory spot welds. From looking at this car, you would have never been able to tell it was in an accident. Extra care was used to be sure that nothing short of better-than-factory quality resulted.












    $15,000 Firm

    great car at a great price, don't pass up this one of a kind car fellas!
  2. If that wasnt the ugliest example of a Mustang I have ever seen, It might be a decent starting asking price... wtf man... why would you do all that import tuner crap to a muscle car.....Buy a Honda and cruise WalMart if thats the look your going for....Cars like that embaress the rest of us Mustang owners.
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