2005 FAQ (read this before you ask)

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  1. !Updated! 2005 FAQ (read this before you ask)

    Q: Will there be a new Mustang in 2005?
    A: Yes

    Q: Will it be debuted at the NAIAS in January?
    A: Yes Unveiling of the Production Model: January 4-6, 2004, at the North American International Auto Show

    Q: When is the official launch?
    A: April 17, 2004

    Q: When is the Job 1 start?
    A: September 7, 2004 (coupes), February 1, 2005 (convertibles)

    Q: When will they start showing up at dealerships?
    A: September/October, 2004.

    Q: Will there be a convertible out immediately?
    A: No. It will follow approx. February 1, 2005.

    Q: Will there be a 3 valve motor in it?
    A: Yes. The 4.6 3V motor will be in a Mustang. It is said that it will be the base engine in the GT. It has been quoted to make 300 FWHP no TQ numbers yet.

    Q: What transmissions will be available?
    A:[/] There will be a 5 speed (3650) Manual and a 5 speed automatic available at first.

    Q: Is it true that the 3.8 will be discontinued?
    A: Yes. Although it might not happen immediately, the 3.8 V6 will no longer reside in the engine bay of the base Mustang. It will be replaced by the 3.5 V6 after a couple of years.

    Q: Will there be a 2005 Cobra?
    A: 2004MY will be the last year of production for the current generation of SVT products, including the Cobra, Lightning and SVT Focus. 2004MY production of all three products will end during the second quarter of the 2004 calendar year. There will be no 2005MY versions of the Cobra, Lightning or SVT Focus. The rollout of the next generation SVT Mustang Cobra and SVT F-150 Lightning will begin with the 2006MY. (From SVT)

    Q: Will there be a Shelby model?
    A: Sources at ASC (American Sun Roof) told BlueOvalNews that they were developing a Mustang concept for Ford that would use the Shelby Mustang nameplate.

    Q: What platform will the 2005 Mustang be on?
    A: D2C. Originally it was going to be built on the Lincoln LS platform DEW97. Because if weight and size it was then altered to a smaller version called DEW Lite. But it was too expensive to manufacture. So another modified version of the DEW97 was created called the D2C. This is a lighter, smaller platform and is far less expensive to manufacture.

    Q: will there be a 125 color customizable gauge set?
    A: Yes

    Q: will the interior stray from the 94-04 platform
    A: yes. The interior is 100% redesigned. [​IMG]

    More to follow as the info comes in.....
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