2005 Kentucky Derby

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  1. Well, another Derby has come and gone here in Louisville. This year was a record crowd of 107,000 or so, 5000 more than the largest crowd ever. The weather was beautiful, in the 80's and sunny. My business partner came up with some all access passes for us, which enabed us to go anywhere, anytime. It was the best time ever. He also managed to come up with a corporate swipe card with unlimited credit for all our food and drinks. Man what a sweet deal. I also managed to win a few bets including the longshot Derby winner Giacomo at 50-1. :banana: Too bad I didnt have $100 bucks on the little glue stick. Oh well, I won $153.90 on a $3 bet. :nice: Anyone here go or have been to a Derby?
  2. Man what a time!!! This was the 1st derby i've ever been too and it was great! Except for the $40.00 infield entry price. :nonono:

    I live north of nashville, me and some friends drove up friday night to ceasars casion. Got there at 3 yalls time and did'nt leave till 6, drove around for an hour only to find that there were no hotel rooms in a 50 mile radius! :mad: Ended up paying $20.00 to park in some guys back yard and slept in the ride for 2 hours and went in the derby around 12.

    So I was pretty tired after we left but had a damn good time and plan on going next year, but with a hotel room before we go. :D
  3. Those horses were FLYING too. 45 seconds to the 1/2 mile in incredible.

    Being a poor ass college kid, I don't have the money to bet and it really doesn't interest me. I just think horse racing is cool.

  4. Man! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Next year, book a room in Sellersburg IN, its about 20 min. from the track, but the rooms are regular price. Most rooms in town start at $300 a night for Derby weekend and most make you buy a package of more than one night. The Comfort Inn by my house was only $69.95. I know because my friend drove up from White House TN and hooked up with some chick at the track and needed a place to bang her.
  5. i had a couple bets in i had a win bet for Afleet Alex and a exacta boxed for Afleet Alex, Sun King, and High Fly. Te derby is the only thing i bet on and i just started that last year. A lot of guys at work go to the track like every weekend so I just gave them the money and said her place me a bet. Glad I use my moms money cause I lost lol I thought i had it damn guacamole lol
  6. Man it was a blast ,started drinking at 8 am or so and didnt stop till about 6 that night!! :rlaugh:

    Yeah when we go next year we are going to book a room or two, or mabey try to bring a camper or somthing to party out of. And man there was no shortage of females so that made it even better. Cant wait till next year!!! :nice: