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  1. I knew a few of you were buggin for this.



    Apparently they didn't attached with the normal release. Rumor has it, the rear is still "unfinished". :notnice:

    This is the only part of the car I don't like.
  2. I hope that is the case. They sure are having trouble making the back of that car look good. I guess it might be up to the aftermarket to gets something decent. We shall see.
  3. the rear is more aerodynamic. less drag, more downforce, i think.
  4. My observation. Everyone who has an 05 thru 09 spends money either painting the mirrors body color, or buying the half mirror covers body color. What does Ford do with the 2010? Gives people the body color mirrors. What else do they do? Give you cheap looking black plastic ground effects around the rest of the car, plus on the GT, the grill surround is cheap looking black plastic.Then, they improve the interior by getting rid of the cheap looking plastic. So, at least you guys got your color matched mirrors.