2010 Mustang Gt, Approximate Insurance Amount?

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  2. Probably not comparable, but I'm 32 and married to a 27 year old. We live in Baltimore and I have a '13 GT and she has a '11 Mazda 2. Our 6 month with progressive is $1300.

    When I turned 21, the liability only coverage for my '89 Prelude dropped in half. Your insurance will be able to quote out any new or new-to-you cars, but don't expect reasonable prices for 3 and something years. For what it's worth, insurance for an Evo is still more expensive than a Mustang. Even for a thirty something married dude.
  3. I'm 40 and have a '14 GT, the wife drives a '12 Rogue. My record is clean, she has one minor accident. I pay $667 every 6 months for full coverage through Progressive.
  4. single 39 years old, califonia central by fresno and pay $101 a month.
    it all depends on age, time you been driving, driving record, and where you live. and so many more things, that can help you or ruin you. lol