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  1. The 2010 Saleen NATIONALS will be held in Newburgh NY. The weekend includes 3 days of events with the Saturday show held at the Orange County Chopper headquarters. This is the national convention for Saleens and is hosted by the New England Region of the Saleen Club of America.

    You don't have to be a member of the Saleen Club of America to attend. Although the focus is on Saleens, other Mustangs will be attending.

    Registration, classes, contact and event information can be found on the club's website - Saleen Club of America  - it's all about Fun, Friendships & Saleens. Or call Mike Foley 617-835-7009
  2. Definitely going to this. The regional show this year at OCC had 34 Saleens and next year is the National show. There are already rooms reserved for Saleens coming from Indiana, Georgia, Florida, as well as some other States. Feel free to post if you are going. We may be able to get some Saleen caravans going to the show.
  3. Registration and Hotel information is now on-line and available for the 2010 Saleen NATIONALS to be held Aug 5-8, 2010 in Newburgh NY.

    Feature cars this year will be the 92-93 Factory Supercharged cars and their owners are encouraged to bring them to the event - they will receive special recognition.

    Special discounts for early registration (Deadline July 15), joining the club or renewing and registering, discounts on show shirts and special Children's size and more for pre-registering.

    Classes are provided for all Saleens and although only basic ones are listed, they will be expanded as owners register. Classes will be determined by pre-registration, so get yours register before the deadline. There are classes for Mustangs too.

    Motel rooms will be held until 30 days of the event, don't wait to the last minute and be disappointed. You will have to call the local numbers provided and request the SALEEN CLUB OF AMERICA rate to get the discounts. The same for all hotels/motels listed.

    Events start on Thursday with a Meet & Greet. Friday begins with a Pony Drive, cookout and ends at our Welcome Bash. Saturday is the Big Show and evening dinner and the event closes on Sunday with a SeeYa Breakfast.

    The event is hosted by the New England Region with some help from their friends. Contact information is on the website.

    Pre-Registration is very important for discounts, classes and parking.
    Goto our website and register today 2010 Saleen NATIONALS