2010 V6 VS 2012 V6 (My impressions)

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  1. I just rented a 2012 V6 (base) and liked it so much, I started considering seriously getting a V6 Mustang as a second car (don't need a GT and since it's a second car, I'm trying to keep the price as low as possible whilst getting a 2010+ body since I like the changes, especially in the interior and added refinement).

    I love the new motor, however was a little surprised at how "sluggish" it felt in day to day driving. When I got on it, it would move as the RPM's climbed, but otherwise, it was fine and pretty effortless, yet didn't quite feel like 300 HP in a relatively light-ish car, and not as snappy/direct response as I'd have imagined.

    I test drove a 2010 with premium package, with the old motor, and have to say that upon startup and at slow driving, it sounded a bit more "muscle-car"-y. In traffic during the test drive, the characteristics reminded me more of my old SN95 GT, more torquey than the 3.7 actually, not as refined pedal response.

    I actually thought that it felt even more powerful than the new 3.7L.... until I got the RPM's up a tad, where it quickly ran out of breath and lagged. However, all in all, I was still impressed with it, considering how much criticism it gets, and figured that to me, if I do go with a V6, getting a 2010 with a Premium package might be worth saving a little bit of $$$$ over a 2011 V6 (used) with a base package.
  2. no i disagree i had a 2010 mustang v6 with a manual transmission and when i got my 2012 cause i got hit by a drunk driver the new 3.7 v6 is much faster and much more torguey the the old 4.0. i would spend the extra 4 or 5 grand for a 2011 v6. you will be disappointed with the 4.0 and the new 3.7 actually gets better gas millage then the 4.0
  3. I'm in the same boat. I recently sold off my 96 Stang and I'm looking to upgrade to a 2010 or 2011 v6. I've done a lot of reading up about both and I've even driven both cars but I can't seem to make up my mind.

    The '10 I drove handled great and had a surprisingly decent growl then I would have expected. I thought the car was pretty good but I've read a lot of reviews really down playing the 2010 v6, calling it out dated and a rental car.

    The 2011 was also pretty good, I like that the dual exhaust is standard but one flaw that really bothered me was the hesitation on the acceleration, which I didn't feel was as bad on the 2010. I would have thought for 305 hp the pick up would have been better. I also thought the 2011 was a little quieter than the 2010. The reviews I've read have all recommended this v6 over the 2010.

    I'm starting to wondering if the extra money is worth the 2011 or would the 2010 be a better buy. I know the acceleration prob can prob be solved by a tune but I'm worried about that voiding my warranty if i decide to go that route.
  4. The acceleration problem you speak of might just be from the 2.73 (or whatever it is) rear end they use to achieve such good gas mileage. You could swap that out with like a 3.3?, get your acceleration back, and still have better gas mileage than a '10.
  5. I got a '11 V6 'vert as my second car. The old engine was 210/240 compared to 305/280. The new motor needs a bit more revs to get going, I think, because the power and torque come in at a much higher rpm. You can't get the Performance Package on the 'vert, so I am stuck with the highway gears. Can't complain about the 32mpg on the expressway with the top down, though.
    Either way, they made improvements to the cars aerodynamics to increase gas mileage in 2011. It is a better car.
  6. Thanks for the additional impressions. I have no doubts that the 2011 is the better car, I was just a bit baffled by the acceleration impressions. Granted the 2011 is clearly a more powerful car when you get the revs up, the 2010 felt almost more "realistically usable", i.e with a mellow driving style like mine. I also kind of liked the louder/rougher nature of it.... feels a bit more "Mustang".

    The "issue" with the 2011 must be the gearing. It's a great motor, smooth, efficient, powerful, however I kept thinking "this doesn't feel like 300 HP" when during normal driving. I also think that the 6-speed felt a bit "clunky", or maybe it was just the tall gearing, it felt more like a 5-speed for some reason.
  7. I agree with you about the shifter. It isn't very accurate. I feel like an amatuer when I am trying to downshift. It isn't very positive at all. It is probably due to the semi-remote set-up. The MGW in my '03 is a can't miss. I guess that will have to get used to it.
  8. The engine lags if you plant your foot onto the pedal due to the electronic mechanism of the accelerator pedal. You will get better acceleration if you smoothly roll onto the accelerator, rather than mash it. The power never feels like 300 hp until you look down at your speedometer and realize you are already doing 90mph.
  9. I just went from an '00 GT 5-speed to a '12 v6 6-speed and as soon as I remembered to add 1K RPM to the v6 before making a "seat of the pants" pull comparison, this new V6 ROCKS!

    Just like my old v8 didn't really feel like it was pulling much until 4K RPM, this V6 doesn't feel like it is pulling much until very nearly at 5K RPM.

    I need to change my sig... ;)

    EDIT #2
    Just realized, as an 11+ V6 we have the same:
    -manual transmission
    -8.8" rear-end
    as the GT models. Not true with the <2010 V6 models, as I understand it they have:
    -weaker manual transmissions
    -weaker 7.5" rear-ends
    than the V8 stangs.

    Doesn't matter, stock...
    ...but matters if you end up modding it signifigantly down the road (I will, I hope).
  10. I just purchased a 2011 V6 for my daughter, I've been driving it and will continue to drive until she finishes driving school. I have to say the car is awesome, the get up and go is awesome, no lag in power. I was considering buying one for myself but I'll end up getting the V8. The mustang has the performance package, pipes exhaust, six speed, 19in wheels, and a different spoiler. Ford did a great job with this mustang. I drove a stock 2009 GT and man I feel that this V6 is stronger than the V8.
  11. I have the 2012 V6 and agree that the engine is a nice smooth mild-mannered V6 under 3K rpm but really "wakes up" above that. I don't get the gas pedal lag.