2011 Gt Looking To Install Gears

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by WRXSTIKILLA32, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. i have an auto 2011 GT, i want to ad gears and im thinking 3.15 gears
    any ideas of pros and cons? or suggestions?
  2. It really depends on what you will be doing in the future: if it will be just a few bolt ons or will you be thinking about power adders/engine builds.

    There has been some talk in that you won't see much performance gains by changing 1 set up; 2 gear sets are recommended for experiencing some performance. I went from 3.08 to 3.73 even though I wanted 3.55's because the shop owner talked me into it. I lost about 1-2 MPG in around-the-town driving but picked up some acceleration gains. Changed out the suspension later on for additional performance judged from the butt-in-seat meter.
  3. I would see what gears you have in the car, I have 3.31 in mine bought it 2nd hand but it was bone stock
  4. I am thinking off going to 3.73 but like its said above its noticeable going up two gears thus making me go to 3.90 I do take long trips in my car so I'm sure I'll go with the 3.73