2012 GT EXHAUST help!!

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    Well. Just picked up my 2012 GT 5.0 Black on Black and i want to do a few small enahncements as it is just a daily driver for me. Looking for Help with a (cheaper) muffler/cat back kit for the 2012. i have gone to all the sites and no one makes a "2012" specific kit yet....does anyone have a 2012 5.0 with exhaust...if so how do you like it and where from?


  2. thanks i'm not to sure about the ford motorsport ones tho. im thinking the competetion magnaflow kit.
    any good?
  3. I picked up a hushpower catback with a price match through jegs for $575
  4. We picked my wifes car up two weeks ago and went straight to the muffler shop and had Dynomax Bullets installed. 220 out the door and I (my wife also) really like the sound. Have had nothing but compliments so far. No drone YET......next will be an x pipe so we will see.
  5. just installed.....insane noise for such little money. very impressed with the magnaflow competetion axle back kit. awesome noise i highly reccomend it!
  6. little money?? was it $800?
  7. I installed the competition mangnaflow axle backs. Its not the full exhaust but it sure is loud as heck still!! If you're looking for some good noise and looking for a price not too expensive, I would go with these axle backs. I installed them myself,and it took about an hour and a half to put em on. It was easy. Like for MRaburn. He'll hook it up with a big discount
  8. I went for the high price ($700) Borla S type and never looked back. I've owned 5 other mustangs and two Corvette and used all types of mufflers but I have to say I never had a catback or axeback that performed this well. Great Idle, Great at WOT and quite when cruising. Absolutley no drone
  9. How is it sounding? Post up a sound clip. :nice:
    And thanks!
  10. I can see you've already installed Magnaflow. Glad you like it. For me (w/ very similar car) it was the Ford Racing Parts Sport mufflers (MGTLA axle back). Great low rumble at start up. Back pressure with nice crackle. Very pleasing growl working through the gears.

    (I've turned into an adolescent again. Wonder if I'll get pimples?)

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  11. i know you said cheaper but borla ATAK catback its pricey but its well worth it i have an 11 5.0 with it and oh my oh my its quiet at idle but when u lay into her boy does she scream
  12. Exhaust Update.....

    Sorry for the long delay guys, i am wayyyyy more then pleased with the noise from the car. however it is not the normal mustang sound. more of a deep SLP camaro noise. Awesome sound all around. I have had nothing but comments on the exhaust. i think it was the best $380.00 spent
    Magna Flow Compitetion Axle back.

    If your thinking about spend $800.00 for exhaust just for the noise, your a fool. your throwing it all away. Just mail me a check and ill sen you my exhaust HAHA!