2013 Gt Auto Supercharged Wont Hook Up Spins Spins Spins

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  1. 2013 mustang gt automatic 373s roush 575 supercharger kit. Car is lowered with springs also have lower control arms,runnin 20x10 rear wheels with 305/35/20 f1 supercar tires,car is daily driven really dont want slicks,any ideas.
  2. I would think that it would be impossible on street tires with that much power, the '13 auto 1st gear ratio and rear differential ratio. But drag radials might help. I hear Nitto makes some good ones.
  3. I don't know what the weather's like where you are but, those tires aren't worth a damn when there's any temp drop from full summer; they're worse than even the Brembo Pirellis for that. They need heat like a Camaro SS needs gas stations....
  4. Tires. I've never had the opportunity to run mine in temps above 60, so it might get hot enough that your tires will eventually hook up (but by then you'll probably be down on power because of the heat).

    Michelin Pilot Super Sports seem to be the one tire on the 13 GT500s that hasn't had a bad review. I've also heard good things about the Nitto Invos, but not as many guys running them.

    I'll be going to the Michelins over the winter.
  5. I live in wisconsin.pretty dam cold right now basically in the 40s,so u think i should put my stock pirellis back on.for winter
  6. You should probably put the all seasons on it. I think the Goodyears are not recommended at temps in the 40's. Pretty much no summer tire is going to grip at that temp. My Dunlops get really slick when it is that cold.
  7. There's a technical bulletin out on the GYs about not using them at all below 40. I can tell you that they're next to worthless in the teens. Supposedly they can crack in sub40 temps. Can't find original document, but here's a copy of the text off another Mustang site. Similar warning in my owner's manual.

    PSB #2011-10

    TO: Goodyear Contract Dealers, Goodyear Canada Inc. Dealers, Goodyear Company Owned Stores

    Eagle F1 Supercar G:2 Summer Tires Not Recommended for Winter Use

    Goodyear F1 Supercar G:2’s are D.O.T. approved ultra high performance summer tires with track capability. The rubber used in these tires loses flexibility and may develop surface cracks in the tire tread/shoulder area at colder temperatures. Goodyear does not recommend using these high performance summer tires when temperatures drop to approximately 40 deg F (5 deg C) or below, or in snow/ice conditions.

    Tire Storage

    Follow the general tire storage recommendations in Product Service Bulletin 2010-21, Proper Procedures for the Storage of Tires. Further, it is recommended for these tires to be stored indoors at temperatures above 20 deg F (-7 deg C) when not in use. If the tires have been subject to 20 deg F (-7 deg C) or less, let them warm up in a heated space to at least 40 deg F for 24 hours or more before installation or driving the vehicle. Inflate the tires only after they have been warmed above 40 deg F (5 deg C). Do not place tires near heaters or heating devices used to warm the room where the tires are stored. Do not apply heat or blow heated air directly on the tires. Always inspect tires before use after storage periods as outlined in the Proper Procedures for the Storage of Tires bulletin.
  8. Pull a bunch of timing out of it...that'll dull it down a little. :D
  9. Lower your boost? Hooking up in cold weather is a pain..
  10. With full suspension and drag radials it should hook up. Our 2010 GT makes 701rwhp with a Roush TVS and it feels like it'll pull a wheelie on the street. I know it would dead-hook with 575 crank horsepower.