2014 Mustang GT Knocking

Sep 24, 2018
Hey everyone, I have been having some issues with my 2014 Mustang GT these past couple of months. I had an error code P0430 and P0315 pop up back in November so I took it to the shop and had them do an in depth look to figure out what was wrong before I jumped to replacing the catalytic converters. After all of the tests, they said that there were no other problems and that the cats had just gone bad and needed replacements and then did a crank relearn and reflashed the computer to get rid of the P0315 code. Now, two months later, the P0340 code is back along with this knocking sound towards the front of the car. I cannot tell what the knock is or where it is coming from so I will put a link to a video below and see what you all think. Thanks!
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ct3V9DwSkc
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New Member
Nov 28, 2018
That sounds like a pretty steady tapping at idle. Does the frequency increase if the rpm's increase? My guess would be a bad pully or God forbid, something with the valve train or camshaft. Any changes amongst gears or at higher speeds?

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