2014 Production Extended?

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  1. Word was 2014 production would end either this month or next month, but that was before the 2015 was announced as not going on sale until next fall.

    Does this mean production of the 2014 will be extended until/through spring? If production went through April that would still give Ford a month to shut down and retool, and then 3-4 months to ramp up production before they start hitting dealer lots.
  2. I take it nobody has heard anything about this?
  3. I don’t have any end date yet, puma1552. We are still taking orders and building 2014 MYs. I’ve been keeping a close eye on it. Keep checking with me if you’d like.

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  4. Thanks, do you know of any options or packages that are no longer available? I know grabber blue cannot be ordered anymore, curious if there are other colors, options, or packages that can no longer be ordered.

    Also, I heard the factory is shutting down the week of 1/20, do you know anything else about the schedule?
  5. Some options depend on the region, puma1552. Your best bet is to speak with your dealer before placing your order. They get the most up to date info. Regarding the plant, yes, it will reopen on 1/27.