2016 Mustang Ecoboost Premium


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Jul 19, 2018
El Paso, TX
Good evening y’all.. rookie mustang owner.

Saw an opportunity and bought a 2016 mustang ecoboost premium involved in a front end collision. Thought I had a good deal but I ended up learning the hard way that parts for mustangs ain’t cheap..

I have a couple of questions in regards the front of the mustang. Since the pony came in missing parts and the parts that came in were broken, I’m replacing the full front starting from radiator..

I got the radiator and condenser but I’m having a hard time finding that extra radiator looking thing infront of condenser. The other day I went to the dealership and saw a 2016 premium just like mine and noticed that the set up is radiator-condenser-radiator looking ‘thing’.

Can someone help me out in naming that part and provide some pictures?

Also, i don’t know if I’m missing the radiator shutter assembly. Can y’all post some pictures of your mustangs and point out where these parts go?

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I Bleed Ford Blue

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Feb 13, 2017
North Olmsted OH
I believe the item in question is your intercooler. Since you have to get a new one anyway, go with an aftermarket one, they are more efficient than the factory one and may even cost less.