3.55 gears in the mach1 and 05 mustang

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  1. I looked up the mach 1 and it comes with 3.55 gears and the new 05 mustang's will be getting these gears as well i believe. What gears does the 99 + gt's come with and can you put the 3.55 gears in the gt's?

    What performance mods does the new mach 1 come with that the gt's don't other than the shaker hood?
  2. I believe the 99+ come with 3.27's, and yes you can switch them for any gear you like, most popular though are 3.73 and the almighty 4.10's for stick and usually 4.10 or 4.30's for auto's. As far as the mach 1's go, I know that have modded cobra engines but I don't know much about them.

  3. I wonder which gears would be best for my 02 gt- 3.55, 3.73, or 4.10's
  4. Aside from the functional shaker hood they come with the following upgrades...

    DOHC (305 HP underrated) motor, 3.55 gears, beefier suspension, bigger brakes, factory sub frame connectors, Forged crank (manual tranny only).

  5. 3.55 on Mach 1

    I have had fun with this comparison: My wife has a 2004 Mach 1 with the 3.55 gears. My '02 GT has the 3.27 gears. The difference in the 3.27 to 3.55 is noticable, but not what you might want or expect. (The most noticable difference is that the wife/Mach combination trashes my GT on any day.... no big surprise, even with x-pipes and other bolt-ons, the GT doesn't have the punch of the 32 valve Mach engine). There are a lot of people out there with the 3.77(?) and 4.10 gears that swear by them. 3.77(?) seems to be the favorite for all around driving with not too much hit on the high end and gas mileage.
  6. Correct 3.77 to 3.73.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking of going with 3.73's myself. I have to wonder how much is too much though. I don't want to make 1st gear useless.

    And shame on you for letting the wife's car be faster than yours :chair:

  8. HHHAAAAAAA!!! She is a great stick driver, has the right touch with clutch and gears. If I'm gonna get spanked, at least she looks good doing it!!!!!!!!

    The Bee
  9. 4.10's. Anything less is :bs: unless you've got some serious HP. If you've got the redline of a 4V engine, 4.30's.
  10. Dont even think aboot it.

    4.30s all the way :worship:

    Personally, Im going with 4.10s mainly cause I am getting them cheap as hell. If i wasnt Id be ripping chit up with the 4.30 gears :flag:
  11. Around here Mach's with 410's and DR's are breaking axles at the track.

    If you do ALOT of highway driving you'll probably like the 373's more than the 410's

  12. ive only got 3 hp mods and 4.10s, and i have never lost to a mach, at the track or from a roll.

  13. Dont you think their rear end may be the weak link? :shrug:
  14. mine was

    "what did the nittos and pavement say to the axle?"

    "Snap"- ****
  15. Yeah, dont blame the 4.10s... Blame the nittos + redline dumps :eek:
  16. it was only 5 grand!~
  17. 4.10's Rock, Don't fear the gear

    If you drive your stang from city-to-city on the highway and are concerned about gas mileage, don't change your gears, sell your Stang, and buy an import.

    If you want to melt pavement and rubber, steer a gyroscope, and give passengers whiplash, install 4.10's and lay the hammer down to the carpet :D
  18. mileage doesnt change that much.
  19. from just dome guy "mileage doesnt change that much"

    Yeah, right. If you drive like granny, your mileage won't suffer. Speaking from experience, it's just too fun to hear those dual exhaust rapping back at you when you wind a 4.6L up with 4.10's, JUST to go to the next gear :D
  20. i dunno, mine only changed by about 1-2 mpg