331 Stroker Motor Questions

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  1. I'm just trying to see how much I would be looking at if I decide to build a 331 stroker street/weekend driver. I guess I would be able to use my heads, I know I can use my intake, but I will get a custom grind cam for sure. What else from my setup will I be able to use, and what would I have to change? If someone has the time to detail tell me what things I can keep and what I will have to get as well as estimates on cost per item, that would be helpful.

    What do most people do when they rebuild an engine as far as the mileage on the cluster? I guess they just keep track of what it has current and just subtract but I know it would be cool to see 0 on the cluster when starting off with the new engine.

    With my old out of date tune when I had it tuned back in 04 it hit between 295-300 on the dyno, or 286-300 if I remember correctly but I don't think I had everything right and probably should have done wayyy better than that. Instead of just getting another tune now, I almost just want to deal with the car as is now and after I rebuild with whatever then I will get it tuned.

    After seeing the video of the 95 GT with the 418 and the kook exhaust I might wana change my x pipe and might wana go with longtubes also. NOt sure though as I have heard that changing spark plugs are easier with the shorties. It was many yrs ago though when browsing and I read that so not sure how much more harder it is changing them with the longtubes if any.

    I also hate the idea of taking parts off and just having them lying around and not sure I wana hassle with trying to sell them on the net. So not sure I will want to not just reuse my exhaust. If I can get everything I need and want done for about $3k I might just do all of those things

  2. I'd contact Woody at http://www.fordstrokers.com/ and talk with him and the 3k you have set aside. http://rnhperformance.com/ is also another Stangnet guy with a good rep who can build you a nice shortblock (almost had him build me a shortblock)
    You can review your current parts you wanna swap over, talk about the cam and go from there. Both will give you some insight.

    I can tell you to be careful buying used parts as I had issues doing that. Scored a 331 shortblock, with very good parts, only to tear it apart 2 seasons later and drop 2200.00 to repair it. That meant throwing the block away, as it was o/size and the having the entire rotating assy properly balanced. So be mindful there.
    There are plenty of options to build a motor. I had a awesome local builder with a good rep do up my motor.
    You may have some local who can do the same.
  3. yeah I wouldn't mind talking with them to get some insight but I would wana get someone local to build it just for peace of mine. I'd be pissed to get something built from somewhere away where I would have to trust everything they said they did. It's hard enuff trying to trust the local guys lol. Then again one of my boys has had 3 motors built and they each ran a total of about a yr, maybe a yr and 5 mos in a span of about 6-7 yrs and those were from some big name guys who build engines. I surely couldn't take having spend as much money as he has over the past amount of yrs and not have my car running lol. So I'm taking all that in and gona decide which route I'm gona do. I may even still just keep what I have and just do a SC. I have to decide ratherI would want to put longtubes on and take off the shorties cause I would like to have a deeper tone, much more aggressive sound. If I didn't rebuild the engine now with 175k on it which I doubt, when I did rebuild I might just do a 306 and whatever else mods I could do with what parts I have.

    would I be able t keep the 24's with adding the SC?
  4. Go with the longtubes and don't look back. They do have a sound all there own. Had mine on for prolly 10 yrs and never an issue. Whoever said the plug thing is kinda wack. Look at my pic...every plug is right there. I use wobble extensions as they're easier, but the plugs aren't an issue. Pass side is cake, drivers is a tad more fussy but do-able.
    LT's and and X pipe should sound pretty nasty with the right cam....I run a Prochamber and mine sounds plenty ballsy when you get into it...you can tell its got some sack... :banana:

    I was gonna do an SC and just put that on my other combo. Then I figured I'd build a nice stout motor and then add the SC to that if I felt like it. SC tuning can be fussy and have issues, NA is easy is the way I looked at it. Mines turnkey, runs the stock computer and 24's at the moment. I do have a set of 30's and I'm gonna swap those in the Spring after Pro-M does my MAF calib.

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  5. What longtubes do you have and what was the cost, and what size motor u got ? I know I will want to go with something that has a nice coating to protect from rust. I heard a car, a 418 with the kook 1 7/8 to 3 inch for the X pipe and I think he had dynomax mufflers and it sounded nasty. I will probably keep my Basani X though and it's 2 1/2 inches, O/R.

    I can see to doing a custom cam for my combo, or if I do the 331 I will still get a custom cam for it. Basically I have t decide rather I want to make some changes that will make me happy then get a retune since I think I have needed a better tune for yrrrrrssssssss, or just go ahead and ultimately build another motor. The changes if I don't do anything drastic might be go with longtubes and a different or custom cam then retune. Not sure which route I wana go yet.
  6. Mine are Macs. Had them 8 yrs and then sent them out for ceramic coating in & out... just as you see in that pic. was 200.00 shipped for the coating. I had them a long time and they were still in excellant shape so rather that go up to 1 3/4, I kept these 1 5/8.
    Mines a 331 with all forged internals, SRP pistons, Eagle crank & rods, 5.0 girdle, FTI custom cam, entire rotating assy has been balanced, FTI worked over AFR15 heads, Eddy RPM upper, Anderson Ford clutch & PP set-up... all the good stuff through out the whole motor. Ill get it dyno'd this year once I up the inj's to 30's. Even with 24s all seems fine, but I had the 30's for 5 yrs just sitting and just cheesed out and kept the 24's in this 331. Was tired of spending money and the 24's will suffice. I'll see if I can dig uo a vid of this new motor. It sounds just as sweet as that 418 you posted. Got a nice lumpy idle... and I even run the OEM stock mufflers to keep the noise and drone down.
  7. sounds great man and a vid would be nice...............Thanks
  8. How much were the Mac Longtubes? I was reading up somewhere as far as the quality of the different brands and the coatings and such. I have had a few leaks of coolant since 02 and i think it contributed to my Mac shorties rusting around mainly where they bolt up on some runners. I say that to say that in reading, it seems that Mac and a few other cheaper brands the coatings aren't all that good . I priced the Kooks and for a 331 they were $750 without the stainless steel coating. To get it coated the total would be about 1000 bucks.............Whoooaaa lol.

    Is there a design within each header that will give a different sound or is it just the longtubes in general?
  9. I forget what I paid for mine... maybe 150.00 back in the day. I got mine new, with Mac's "industrial chrome" finish. They held up fine for years with minimal rusting. mines a Summer only and never see's rain though. They did Blue at the heads due to heat which is expected far as I'm concerned. Mac, BBK, Hedman, etc aren't gonna use top of the line stuff like Jet-Hot does. For the money it's just a little protection. Mine being 8 yrs old or more and dropping 200.00 for a goood in/out ceramic coating was a good deal. Buying S.S. Kooks for 750.00 then getting Jet-hot to coat them you'd drop another 450.00.... thats crazy in my book. I did mine for 200.oo and they work the balls, didn't Blue, change color or nada. Thats the way to go.

    Far as I know there arent different LT's/ design that will give a certain sound. I just like having LT's in my cars... always have and always will... just a preference for me.
  10. if I keep my Mac shorties I will justg have them coated as you did. What particular place did u use and did u just google some places when u decided to have them done?
  11. These are the dudes I used. http://www.performancecoatingsplus.com/Photos.html
    Searched around the net and couldn't find alot of people who did ceramic powder coating... I'm in New England and had to ship to the South to get mine done. May be people closer depending on your location. I called these guys and spoke with them and felt good about the answers they gave... gave them a shot and have no complaints... did exactly what they said, and shipped back to me on time with a quality job. I'd give them a thumbs up for sure. Call Jet-Hot and you'll freak at their price.
    Watch the Corral classifieds for some LTs and then send them out for coating. Scored tons of parts on Corral for decent money... my favorite place to shop...:nice:
  12. ok thanks. I guess getting from people on forums that you really don't know I guess I would really have to have a good feeling about trusting them lol. I do like ebay where it has the seller's ranking % .

    I tell ya what, from something I have heard yrs and yrs ago and it being reinterated today by one of my boys after listening to a few vids of 4.6's and ne being an 04 Kenny Belle Cobra with X pipe and Borla Stingers, man ole man do I love the sound of the 4.6's and want to get to as close as I can to that. So what would I have to do, what setup would I have to probably go with to try and get close to that hollow, nice deep tone/sound?
  13. I'd agree with the Ebay thing... bought lotsa stuff off there on rating info alone and never been burnt. I bought my ZX11 and then a ZX14 off Ebay.

    I hear you on the 4.6 sound... does sound sick.... check out this vid. Love that sound myself.
    i'd say LT's and an X pipe are gonna get you close to that sound...plus having a built motor with a nice cam...:banana: