351 tuning problems

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by rc4mike, May 9, 2009.

  1. trick flow 170 cc, i think 10:1..not sure. I tried another cam from Lunati... 290/300 .544/.560 and thought it was too aggressive...didnt like the rough idle. Lunati then recomended the 272/280 for EFI apps. I like the sound of the engine much better with the new cam. When you say "small", what do you mean? This cam stuff is new to me.
  2. Small as in short duration and modest lift, FYI I run a much larger solid roller cam with factory EFI with an SCT tune and it runs perfect..made 480rwhp..its all in the tune to a certain extent..Are you happy with how the car runs now or do you want more out of it?? also are the valve springs the same ones that came out of the box with the heads?
  3. Valve springs came with the heads. As far as what do i want for power....what we all want....the most power for the least cost. Seriously though, at this point, the cam swap was such a pain that i dont think i can stomache doing it again. So assuming that the cam stays the same, seems like my only options are to get a larger intake, ie rbox, victor, etc. and a larger throttle body as suggested before. I love the sounds of the engine now as opposed to the bigger cam i had previously.

    When engine was on engine dyno, carb, bigger cam, it pulled 460HP/450 torque. Considering drivetrain losses of 25%, it seems like my current numbers are not too far off what i would expect.

    Not to make this more confusing, but when i bought my computer from cardone, i ordered one for a 93 cobra...not knowing what i was doing. The computer is painted black with no stickers. the invoice says it a 93 cobra #E9ZF-AA computer. Soooo, since my MAF is programmed for an a9l and the tuner assumed a9l in his tune, i wonder if it actually being a cobra computer would cut the power? i bet so. How do know exactly what the computer is? On the www.autopart.com website, where i got computer, both the cobra and v8 GT computers are listed as 78-4352. Thats what i have.

  4. If you are running a 5speed drive train loss is around 15-18%. As far as the computer and MAF deal I'm not sure if that all matters, the SCT tune can fix all of that..I think you need to find a shop that has more experience with the OBD-1 (pre 96') mustangs.
  5. When i bought the MAF, Pro-M tech guys said there meter has to be tuned for a specific computer. So it must mean something....how much? who knows. I have a quest in to the computer supplier to find out what i really have.