3G Alternator upgrade.

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  1. The time has come for my alternator to be replaced, my Stock '92 alt is acting flaky and i would rather just upgrade the thing instead of a stock replacement. So... I am currently running the alt from the '92. I have heard good things about the PA performance 3G upgrades and i checked them out, but it really isn't clear what i should order. I figured i should get the 130a alt, but what do i need in the way of Pigtails, and i am guessing i am gonna need some bigger wire for the output as well. Someone who has done it, please send me some ideas.


  2. You can't use the kit that 5.0's use. Somebody on Turboford has a FAQ written up for a 3G swap onto a 2.3L Mustang, it's fairly simple but I don't remember how you do it.
  3. DR. is the 2.3 Turbo very similar to the 2.3 na alternator brackets? If so I can help you out. I have a 95 amp 3G that will fit in the stock bracket without modification. The alternator is stock on a 92 ford e-150 van/truck. They came with 95 amp for w/o a/c, but 130 for w/ a/c. The 130 case will not fit though. With the one I'm telling you, the stock pulley and belt will still work.

    A fused power wire, 4 awg, runs from the fender solenoid to the back of the alternator bolt. A 4 awg ground wire should also be ran from the stock ground on the motor( where the - side of the batter goes to) to the fender ground. The original d plug plugs into the 3g and the other plug is not used. Keep it in case you ever want to go back, i did not cut mine off. Then you will need to tap;solder into the stock black/white wire and run a wire to the alternator. There is a small plug that can be obtained from jy or parts place that is how the stator is connected.

    I used switch to starter premade cables for the 4awg wires. Had to modify one end to fit on the alternator ( smaller lug) and then ground down the ground wire lug some so it would fit better on the fender ground.

    Here are some pics.

    Pic of the back of the alternator where the power wire goes to

    The two places where the ground wire goes


    Where the power wire from the alternator goes

    Pics of the inline fuse. I used a 100 amp fuse and I got the fuse and holder from Napa.


    Oh yea, the alternator mounting; the bottom hole uses stock bolt, but for the top ear, you use a machine grade bolt and washer. Just let the alternator rest down in the bracket and then put in bolt from the rear with a washer. The threads will go thru the hole of the bracket and then tighten into the alternator ear.

  4. DR, any luck on the 3g?
  5. glowstang, have you had an issue with your alt running hot?
  6. hot to the touch? Haven't noticed anything really. Been using it for about 5 years now.
  7. I used a 165A left over from my 94 gt (was using the 130a from it previously). If you use the large body alternator like this one, your bracket will need modification to fit right. What I did for the longest time was just use the bottom bolt to hold it in place. When the engine came out to put in the turbo engine, I modified the bracket to fit the alternator fully. Attacked it with a grinder for a while now it fits like it was made for it.
  8. sorry, hate to de-rail, extremely hot to the touck. make water sizzle kind of hot. checking all my wires right now. just hoping I have something loose that is causing a short and making it work overtime.
  9. No apologies needed, this thread is still on track :) No it shouldn't be that hot. I have touched mine before and its not any hotter than it should be (whatever that is lol). You didn't hook up the orange/black wires to it did you? Got the white/black wire hooked up? Got the hot wire hooked to it to the solenoid on fender? Got the one original plug hooked to the alternator.Thats all the wires there are.

    Keep us posted.
  10. stator wire is hooked up and the black/orange wires are taped off. everything else is as it should be. I am stumped on this one. I think I just need to get another alternator. this one is defective.
  11. bad parts are a reality, especially in a remanufactured auto world