4.10 not worth it!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Stang2003GT, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. whats gears are you runnign bill? i know i recomend at least 4.10's
  2. What about highway on 4.30s?
  3. you will be at 2600 rpms at 75 MPH with 4.30's your lucky to have a t-3650. us t-45's don't have as steep of a overdrive as you.
  4. 3.73 > 4.10 then :shrug:
  5. THis is so flawed its not even funny anymore. If the 1/4 mile calculator on MD or any other site says i'll run a 13.4 with my mods does that mean i will? Hell no. I ran a 98 Cobra with just exhaust mods on the highway and from a low mph roll. He had 4.10's and let me tell you, he left me like turd in a toilet. I had no clue what happened until i pulled up next to him and he told me he had gears and exhaust. Honestly, why don't you just get some 2.07's then or something. Then the computer will tell you that you can hit 12's :shrug:
  6. I raced a 96 Cobra with a stock motor, 4.30s Drag radials n skinnies on the front. We were neck n neck from a 5 mph roll. I got ahead after 50 mphs.

  7. my mom must have been driving that cobra.
  8. Forgot to add in speedcal another $100 so thats about $765

    If I forget the Install kit and just get the gasket the it would probley be about 700 finished.

    I guess 4.30s are the way to go.
  9. One day you will see the light young one.....one day. :nonono: A simulator is just that.....All the video games in the world won't replace real world testing. The sooner you figure that out, the sooner you'll stop getting beat by neons. :)

  10. why would you get the gasket. the bearings,shims,crush sleeve, pinion seal and pinion nut is all you need.

    the gasket is less than usless.
  11. damn those places must be expensive where you are....

    I got mine for $550 parts and install AND a warranty on the gears should they ever whine or break...they only warranty FRPP gears but let's not get into gear brand bashing here guys ok hehe

    Sweet I made this thread 7 pages long!
  12. :nono: JimJim says no

    You know some of us turn the wheel at tracks :nono:


  13. Way to bump a dead thread :nonono:

    No we're going to have to live through the nonsense all over again! :bang: :bang:
  14. I don't see any reason for this one to go on any longer.

    If another mod wants to open it again, so be it. But for now, bye.
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