4.6L 32V I need forged rods.Help me decide !

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by mpcv2000, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Here's the car :

    98 Cobra with a Vortech S-Trim.

    We have most of the parts but now it's time to find some rods.

    There's so many of them, we need help.

    Which one do you suggest and from where ?

    Thanks !

    Martin :)
  2. say what? your car since when?

    I have Eagle rods
  3. I don't know them..

    What's the part number ?

    Where can I look at them..?

    Any web site ?

    I'm going to buy some for sure but I haven't make up my mind.. :shrug:

    Like you can see I'm a new Sangnet member :nice:

    My friend sent me here(mpcv2000) He said I should be able to get some good info here..

    He told me about the Trolls also.. :D
  4. Another vote for Eagle.

    I think I have Eagle rods...... :shrug: Geeez, I can't even remember. Regardless, they are a great brand.
  5. another vote for eagle

  6. WLD_WST... It's not my car.

    Blue_Cobra_98 is a friend of mine.

    I told him to sign up on Stangnet to find info about the rods.

    He's all over the web looking for some, there's many different brand, and prices.

    He throw a rod thru his block past summer so he has a Mark VIII in it right now until his Cobra engine is back to life.

    The Mark VIII has different exhaust cam set up 3 degrees less than a Cobra I think and it has a GT crankshaft but except that it's working pretty good.He took the intake and valve covers form his Cobra.

    It was a direct swap.

    I'll take some pics. of his block tomorrow, there's a big hole in the block.

    If anybody has a aluminum Cobra block for sale he may be interested.

    It will be oversized so if there is scars in it no problem , unless they are deeper than .020".

    Martin !
  7. Oliver makes some really good stuff, so does Carillo.
  8. Lots of people use Manley rods too. Not sure which one is better though. Id be interested to see some results from real built engines on boost...to see how these brands really hold up.

  9. Manley H Beams. There is a reason why Ford put them in the '03 Cobras and I also have them in my car. Of course the Olivers and Carillo rods are nice but those are in another horsepower and price range league.

  10. Go Here, you may find some parts that are worth the money.


    Modmax makes some great parts, their pistons are made by CP(Awesome pistons!) and their rods are in the realm of one of the other great brand names, eagle???? :shrug:

  11. If you have time to wait you'll see that China is where eagle and manley rods are made in the same factory.
  12. Forget Eagle. If your gonna do it right. Do it right the first time with Manley I-Beams. But there a little pricey.