4.6L 3V Plug Change

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  1. I'm getting ready to do the dreaded plug swap on my 07 GT (41000 mi). Anyone have thoughts on the difference between the OE Motorcraft and Autolite HT1 plugs? :shrug:
  2. I swapped mine out at 65k , followed the rules, used some pb blaster, all came out without breaking.
    The Motorcrafts have been improved and the car runs better than ever, I see no reason to not use Motorcraft.
  3. I use the latest one that Ford calls for. Ask the dealer parts department.
  4. Thanks to gearheadboy and streethorse on the plug info; didn't realize that Motorcraft made some updates... one thing bad about running accelerated durability tests, just like no zerks on the susp. fittings, you do not see the effects of lack of lube when normal time elements are not considered. Maybe Ford would have then realized the need for the nickel anti-seize right from the initial engine build. Some say regular carb cleaner, but I hear you loud and clear on the PB Blaster....
  5. Glad to be of help.
  6. I used PB Blaster, but I put Champion 7989 one piece plugs in mine. That was at around 64,000 miles and I am at 136,000 now with no issues. I pulled them at 120,000 and cleaned re-gapped them. I will replace them with Champion again when it warms up.
  7. No offense but we call Champions "chumps" and I wouldn't run them in anything but a lawnmower. Only the cj8 is good. Glad they perform well for you.
  8. No offense to the Chump Champions. I have ALWAYS steered clear of them. I just liked the one piece design and felt I would take a chance. I cringed when I ordered them. BUT, they have done VERY WELL. I have 75,000 miles on them, regapped at 60,000. I'll put them in again.
    LOL - Still won't put them in any car that uses normal plugs.
  9. Just don't forget your anti-seize when you're putting them in.