400 Hp With A Stock Cam!

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  1. That article is as old as time itself… For the internet, anyway. There have been threads on top of threads of people engaged in flame wars over that article. The general conclusion that most people seem to settle on is that the fellas over at Westech were either high that day or they intentionally tweaked or cheated something to inflate the numbers. I mean, look at how they picked up nearly 55 hp over Ford’s stock ratings just by putting a carburetor on it.
  2. Come to think about it, I didnt think of it like that. What you said does make sense. Ive always read that you'll get about 25-30 horses tops with a right intake and carb setup. Well it would of been nice if it really would be that easy then. Maybe ill just be optimistic and say the motor they were working on was just one of a kind and they had really good luck lol. But anyways thanks for the input.
  3. If it sounds too good to be true.....
  4. It's a load of crap. They dynoed 280hp on a stock engine before they did anything!

  5. Sure. They acheived what no other person I've ever seen has been able to do with that same setup. If you read it in a magazine, it has to be true, right?
  6. I would say that they didn't do anything to produce the claim of 278 hp with the fresh stock bottom end. - I hear of guys making it to the 40o hp + mark once they go dual plane and big carb with the right timing and jetting.

    Surely there are some of you guys out there that are carbed and can lend some truth or false to this possibility with a bit more than just shop talk.... That's all I can give, I don't have a carb setup and never have.

    It would be inspiring to know that the little caboose Ford 302 could tow the line to 400 with no juice or huff.
  7. Ha. You're not getting to 400hp on a 302 short of 13:1 compression and leaded gas with iron heads no matter what you do. There is no carb and intake setup in the world that is going to magically make the heads flow better.

  8. You are all doubting the ads on craigslist with k&n, throttle body and exhaust making 300hp? hmmmm:shrug::scratch:
  9. They don't??:poo:Mine probably makes 400 then because I'm running an e cam:rolleyes:
  10. Well....I guess if you use a 24% correction factor (accessories perhaps?), it could be pretty close.

    SAE 225bhp * 1.24 = 279hp engine dyno

    SAE 322bhp * 1.24 = 399hp engine dyno

    I suppose a stock block H/C/I 302 with full exhaust could make around 320bhp SAE with a good intake, carb, Trick Flow heads and a host of exhaust bolt ons.

    ...it doesn't sound near as cool as adding that massive correction factor and calling it 400-even though. ;)
  11. Models are showing 380fwhp on 306 with e7's, naturally aspirated at 10.6:1 on 91oct. It is still untuned and I'm short shifting by 2000rpm until it is tuned. It is running very strong right now. 255/60-16 dr's are not holding in 2nd or for a great deal of 3rd.
  12. Awesome. Let us know how it does.

  13. Most certainly.
    forgot to mention, the cam is no where near stock.